Healthy Living Thirsty Thursday: {Peach Pie Juice}

So as I mentioned in last week's juice recipe round-up post, I am launching a new thing on the blog called "Healthy Living Thirsty Thursday."  No longer is Thirsty Thursday set aside for college males to down as much cheap beer as humanly possible.  No.  It is being redeemed by the healthy living community!  I will share a new juice, smoothie, or cocktail recipe each Thursday from this day forward :) ... Read more » about Healthy Living Thirsty Thursday: {Peach Pie Juice}

A Healthy Thirsty Thursday

Well, I think the general consensus is that most of you are EXCITED about a weekly juice post/recipe, a Healthy Thirsty Thursday!  As mentioned in yesterday's Babycakes post, life is a bit crazy right now with the last week(s) of work, multiple appointments before our insurance changes, and preparing to take a flight with an almost 2 year old.  On that note, if you have any good TIPS on flying with a 2 year old, please share them in the comments below!  So, back to juicing.  ... Read more » about A Healthy Thirsty Thursday

Cherry Limeade - packed with veggies!

Well, it's been ENTIRELY too long since I posted a new juice recipe.  So this weekend it was a must-do! If I got nothing else done, I WOULD: make, document, photograph, and imbibe in some wonderfully refreshing juice.  I still had some leftover cherries (believe it or not!) even after this 5-things-to-do-with leftover cherries post.  Soooooo, I knew cherries would be going inside.  I also had some leftover kale from the "Mostly" Vegan Zuppa Toscana.  And I pretty much ALWAYS ... Read more » about Cherry Limeade - packed with veggies!

Guest Post: Production Mgr of "Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead"

I mentioned awhile back that I wanted to do a couple new fun things with the blog - and one of those is to bring some outside perspectives (every once in awhile) on what others believe to be the essentials for a happy healthy life.  Afterall, that's the goal of this blog!!  I am soooooo excited to bring the next post in the series to you, from the Production Manager of the acclaimed Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead documentary.  She reached out to me at the beginning of the year about being ... Read more » about Guest Post: Production Mgr of "Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead"

Roly Poly Amazement + {Veggie Garden Juice}

OK, first a confession.  I woke up in kind of a bad mood.  Which should be illegal on Saturdays.  I don't really know WHY I was in a bad mood, I just wasn't feeling particularly happy or excited about the day.  But, then I put on some tunes and danced in the living room with Babycakes to my favorite song... and all was well with my world again.  She and I played with markers, ie. ... Read more » about Roly Poly Amazement + {Veggie Garden Juice}

Reboot Part 3: Grocery List & Menu

First, a picture of my loves: dear hubby and Babycakes being silly together.  Awwwww.  Well, let me tell you this - I am VERY excited about cherries and apples and bell peppers and tomatoes and carrots tomorrow!  I don't know how some people do the juicing for SIXTY days!!  Wowsers.  So, as you know, I'm heading into the final phase of the Reboot today.  Days 11 - 15 are similar to Days 1 - 5: a combination of eating limited fruits/veggies plus some juicing.  I do want to mention here that th ... Read more » about Reboot Part 3: Grocery List & Menu

Eating is Social + {Reboot Sunset Juice}

OK, officially I'm on Day 9 (of 15)...more than halfway there!  Overall I've felt pretty good during this Reboot...better than the first time I did it, I think because my body is already "rebooted"...the sugar craving was already dead before I started.  One thing you'll notice though, if you ever do a Reboot of your own, is how SOCIAL eating is.  Everytime family gets together, it's to share a big meal.  If you're meeting up with a girlfriend, you'll often go ... Read more » about Eating is Social + {Reboot Sunset Juice}

Reboot Part 2 JUICE ONLY: Menu, Shopping List, & Cost

So the first 5 days of the Reboot are coming to a close.  I'm headed into the JUICE ONLY portion of the Reboot...a part which I think is almost easier than the really strict "eating/juicing" phase.  There's something nice about less choices.  What am I going to eat today?  Um, juice.  It is recommended (and I agree) that you should try to reach an 80/20 ratio between veggies and fruit.  Y ... Read more » about Reboot Part 2 JUICE ONLY: Menu, Shopping List, & Cost