Cherry Limeade - packed with veggies!

Well, it's been ENTIRELY too long since I posted a new juice recipe.  So this weekend it was a must-do! If I got nothing else done, I WOULD: make, document, photograph, and imbibe in some wonderfully refreshing juice.  I still had some leftover cherries (believe it or not!) even after this 5-things-to-do-with leftover cherries post.  Soooooo, I knew cherries would be going inside.  I also had some leftover kale from the "Mostly" Vegan Zuppa Toscana.  And I pretty much ALWAYS have a bell pepper, or two, or three in my fridge at all times.  Throw in a couple of extra limes on hand plus an apple for good measure and voila...

Introducing Cherry Limeade:

This was a delightful combination of flavors. The cherry taste overpowered any hint of bitterness in the kale, and the lime tied it all together and added a tangy freshness. The juice came out in colorful layers:

Who needs a sugar-filled Sonic Cherry Limeade when you can have this?! Um, no one!!

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Cute Pic from the Weekend:

Saturday, we took a family hike up in the mountains: Dear Hubby, Babycakes, and I, plus my inlaws. It was a beautiful day, perfect weather (a bit cool and overcast), great exercise, and a fun fishing/hiking/exploration adventure. Here's me with 30lbs of cuteness on my back! 

And to think - I used to walk around with more than this plastered onto my body every single hour of every single day. W.O.W!!!!!

{Cherry Limeade}

{Cherry Limeade}


Cherry Limeade Juice - packed with veggies! | No Sugar Sweet Life


1 bunch Kale (6 or 7 stalks)
1 Bell Pepper (I used orange)
1 Goldon Delicious Apple
2 cups Cherries (pitted and diced)
2 Limes


  • Juice all items in a juicer.
  • I usually juice the kale first, when the juicer is the cleanest / working its best.
  • Pour over ice. Sip and enjoy!

Yields 24 Ounces