Baking Fail + {Spinach Lemonade}

Okay, here comes a confession: sometimes my recipes big time. Like throw the entire batch straight-into-the-trashcan-fail.  Yesterday was one of those days. I was so excited about last week's super successful juicing/baking combo of Good Morning Juice and Carrot Cake Muffins that I sought out to replicate the process with a different set of flavors: a green lemonade plus lemon/lime bars using the pulp.  The lemonade was fantastic, but the bars were awful...waaaaaaaaaaaay too much spinach pulp ... Read more » about Baking Fail + {Spinach Lemonade}

Weightloss Rut + {Good Morning Juice}

It has been WAY too long since I've posted a new juice recipe. Did you know I love juicing? I'm all about juicing for weightloss, for improved health, and to nix sugar. It's how I lost 50 pounds in the first place! And when I've been in a rut with weightloss (which I am currently in), it's good to get back to what I know: juicing + exercise.  So I will be juicing more regularly again, creating/posting more juice recipes, AND I will be focusing more on cardio. ... Read more » about Weightloss Rut + {Good Morning Juice}

A Holiday Must: {Elf Juice}

The Holiday season is in full swing, and with it comes a full range of emotions, especially when it comes to eating, weight, and guilt. I am so excited that the #elf4health holiday challenge started yesterday and that above all else, I am going to at least be mindful of my health during this season.  And I'll have an elf buddy to help motivate me and keep me accountable.  Perfect! ... Read more » about A Holiday Must: {Elf Juice}

Long-Weekend Reboot: an introduction to juicing

So I'm really excited about today's post!!  Many of you probably read my comprehensive post on juicing recently, which talks about juicing for weightloss, improved health, and to nix sugar.  I am all for doing a 15 day Reboot at some point in your life, but you might want to start with this Long-Weekend Reboot if you've never juiced before.  We are moving to the mountains in less than ... Read more » about Long-Weekend Reboot: an introduction to juicing

Juicing for Weightloss, Improved Health, and to Nix Sugar

If you don't already know, I have lost 55 pounds this past year and it all started with juicing.  I watched the movie Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead and knew at that moment, that I had to try it. ... Read more » about Juicing for Weightloss, Improved Health, and to Nix Sugar

A Long Hard Day + {Carrot Lemonade} - HLTT6

I'm really not sure what to write...which doesn't happen very often.  I think it's because I really like to be positive and right now the circumstances in my life are yelling at me (like my 2 year old) to feel sorry for myself, to give up, and to be silent.  I've had a long hard day. Babycakes refused to nap. ... Read more » about A Long Hard Day + {Carrot Lemonade} - HLTT6

Naming Creativity + {Shrek Juice} - HLTT5

Today's post could be titled: "How to get your kids to eat more veggies" or "How to get your hubby (who sometimes acts like a kid) to eat more veggies."  The answer? Deception, of course! OK, well, not so much deception as creativity. ... Read more » about Naming Creativity + {Shrek Juice} - HLTT5

Pretty Things + {Golden Goddess Juice} - HLTT3

I don't know about you, but I like pretty things. I like pretty dishware. I like pretty mugs. I like pretty tables. I like pretty fabrics. I like Babycakes' pretty little body. I like pretty pizza. And I like pretty drinks. I'm convinced part of the allure for creating new juices, smoothies, and cocktails for me (besides nutrition/health) is to photograph the vegetables and fruits that go inside and the final products! They are all just so darn pretty!