Eating is Social + {Reboot Sunset Juice}

OK, officially I'm on Day 9 (of 15)...more than halfway there!  Overall I've felt pretty good during this Reboot...better than the first time I did it, I think because my body is already "rebooted"...the sugar craving was already dead before I started.  One thing you'll notice though, if you ever do a Reboot of your own, is how SOCIAL eating is.  Everytime family gets together, it's to share a big meal.  If you're meeting up with a girlfriend, you'll often go out for drinks and appetizers.  If you want to do something special with your spouse, often you'll go out to dinner together.  Officemates order pizza and ask you to join in.  Food, food, food!   So when you're not eating (ie. juicing), it makes it rather difficult to act normally in these social occasions. 

Case in point:

My inlaws invited us over for dinner this weekend.  I already had to tell my mother-in-law that I wasn't going to eat her Ham on Easter (since I was starting my Reboot the following day).  And this time, I had to tell her I wasn't eating at all!  I accepted the invitation though, because it was one less meal that I had to cook for dear hubby & Babycakes while I'm juicing (oh, and of course because I love their company!).  So we headed over Sunday evening to a big spread of lasagna, caesar salad, fresh fruit, and parmesean bread.  I came equipped with my homemade V8 juice.  They kindly asked me how my "juice thing" was going and I was able to tell them how excited I am to be able to be on the journey WITH some of my readers (YOU!!).   A great time was had by all, and I enjoyed the company as I sipped my juice.

The other hard thing about the JUICE ONLY part of the Reboot is the actual task of juicing itself.  Juicing once a day or one batch a day is easy.  It's doable. It's manageable in everyday normal busy life.  But juicing twice a day or two different kinds of juices in the same session is hard. REALLY hard!  I just keep reminding myself that THIS IS ONLY 5 DAYS OF MY LIFE!  It's crazy hectic right now, but it's not forever.

Here's one of the new juices I included in my Part 2 Reboot menu/shopping list.

Introducing Sunset Juice:


  • 1 large Sweet Potato
  • 3 Pink Lady Apples
  • 2 Large beets, peeled
  • 1 bell pepper
  • 1 orange
  • 4 carrots


Juice & Enjoy!  Yields ~40 ounces.

Here's the ingredients:

And, voila - Sunset Juice!  I could definitely taste the bell pepper, which was a turnoff to my hubby, but I rather like bell peppers so it made it all the yummier to me! 

It was a nice alternative to regular Carbeeple juice (carrot, beet, apple).

I'll close today with a sweet pic of Babycakes (aka "Lefty") painting with some serious concentration :) 


  1. Do you find it hard to stay on your "diet" (whatever method it might be) while out with friends?  How do you cope?
  2. Do you think it's a good thing Babycakes is going to be a lefty?