Message from Joe Cross + {Pink-a-licious Juice}

Many of you know my story about juicing. It's how I started my weightloss journey. And the person behind this whole juicing revolution is Joe Cross. He is the star of "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" and has become the juicing king -- speaking all over the world encouraging others to reboot their life, writing books, and making more films. And did I mention, he has the most fabulous Australian accent?!  ... Read more » about Message from Joe Cross + {Pink-a-licious Juice}

October Group Reboot + {The Spicy Carrot} Juice

So this weekend I was thinking of doing another Juice Reboot. As fo why, I would like to shed a couple of stubborn pounds, increase my veggie consumption, but also reboot my system to crave less sugar again. It's easy to slip into old habits. And this is a good way for me to start fresh again. I asked if anyone on my blog's Facebook page was interested in JOINING ME...and I was blown away by the response!! ... Read more » about October Group Reboot + {The Spicy Carrot} Juice

my #ecookbook is here! 30 Sweet, Savory, & Juicy Recipes

I am soooooooo excited to let you know the wait is finally over...my e-cookbook  "Nosh and Nourish: 30 Sweet, Savory, & Juicy Recipes"  is here!  The long-awaited, highly-acclaimed, lovely cookbook full of nourishing recipes that your entire family will love...is here. (As in you can buy it and download it and peruse through it TODAY!) As for the cost, it's cheaper than a latte. As for the contents, they're truly priceless.  I hope you fall in love with the recipes, photography, and personal stories as much as I have! ... Read more » about my #ecookbook is here! 30 Sweet, Savory, & Juicy Recipes

Cooking up a Storm + {Bye Bye Blues Juice}

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been cooking up a storm in the kitchen, all in the name of my upcoming e-cookbook.  More than anything else, this part has been really FUN!!         I love creating healthy nourishing recipes for my family, trying new ingredients, and enjoying the great recipe successes -- like my Peach Parfaits, Fudgey Brownies, Wild West BBQ Pizza, Lemon & Garlic ... Read more » about Cooking up a Storm + {Bye Bye Blues Juice}

The Perfect Mustache + {Pink Power Juice}

You've heard of milk mustaches, but have you ever heard of juice mustaches?! Get ready for some serious cuteness in this post...but before that, can I just say how silly it was that we had a snow day today? No school. No work (or very little anyway). Ohhhhhhh, and NO SNOW! LOL. This 20+ inch storm came through and gave us about 1/20th of an inch.  But, I'll take it. ... Read more » about The Perfect Mustache + {Pink Power Juice}

Babycakes' Lunch + {Sunrise Citrus Juice}

Happy Saturday, y'all!  Yesterday a couple of things dawned on me while I was making Babycakes' lunch:       1) WOW, it sure was beautiful and colorful. 2) My girl is growing up soooooooooo fast! Remember when she was just a little baby? ... Read more » about Babycakes' Lunch + {Sunrise Citrus Juice}

Baking Fail + {Spinach Lemonade}

Okay, here comes a confession: sometimes my recipes fail...like big time. Like throw the entire batch straight-into-the-trashcan-fail.  Yesterday was one of those days. I was so excited about last week's super successful juicing/baking combo of Good Morning Juice and Carrot Cake Muffins that I sought out to replicate the process with a different set of flavors: a green lemonade plus lemon/lime bars using the pulp.  The lemonade was fantastic, but the bars were awful...waaaaaaaaaaaay too much spinach pulp ... Read more » about Baking Fail + {Spinach Lemonade}

Weightloss Rut + {Good Morning Juice}

It has been WAY too long since I've posted a new juice recipe. Did you know I love juicing? I'm all about juicing for weightloss, for improved health, and to nix sugar. It's how I lost 50 pounds in the first place! And when I've been in a rut with weightloss (which I am currently in), it's good to get back to what I know: juicing + exercise.  So I will be juicing more regularly again, creating/posting more juice recipes, AND I will be focusing more on cardio. ... Read more » about Weightloss Rut + {Good Morning Juice}