Babycakes' Lunch + {Sunrise Citrus Juice}

Happy Saturday, y'all!  Yesterday a couple of things dawned on me while I was making Babycakes' lunch:       1) WOW, it sure was beautiful and colorful. 2) My girl is growing up soooooooooo fast! Remember when she was just a little baby? 3) Babycakes likes eating what I eat --- she's like a little mini-me :)   and 4) I'd love to start a new blog feature where I highlight one or two of her lunches each week to give you all some good ideas on what to feed your own kids (or yourself!)

Babycakes' Lunch(es):

1) Ham & Provolone roll-ups with blackberries and pistachio nuts. She literally ate every bite. #growinggirl

2) Leftover Golden Meatloaf (made with sweet potatoes instead of beets), mashed potatoes, and blueberries.

And speaking of Babycakes' eating habits, the other day when I was photographing the new Sunrise Citrus Juice, someone couldn't keep her hands off my blog props - ie. round carrot slices and grapefruit! It was too cute not to photograph! I love her sweet face, her smile, and her desire to munch on carrots :)

Introducing {Sunrise Citrus Juice}

Bursting with Vitamin C and beta-carotene, as well as Vitamins A & K and even copper, this juice delivers a heavy nutritional punch.  It features 2 grapefruit plus: carrots, pears, and bell pepper.

It was refreshing and bright, with a bit of "spice" from the bell pepper. This juice really grew on me, and even Babycakes' loved it!!  I will definitely be making this one regularly.

You just can't buy juice this healthy, veggie-packed, and delicious at a store. 


  • Are you excited about the new "Babycakes' Lunch" blog feature?
  • What are some of your favorite lunch staples?

Sunrise Citrus Juice

Sunrise Citrus Juice


Sunrise Citrus Juice // @noshandnourish


2 Grapefruit (peeled)
1 Red Bell Pepper
2 Pears
6 Carrots


  1. Juice all items.
  2. Chill & serve!

Yields 40 Ounces