October Group Reboot + {The Spicy Carrot} Juice

So this weekend I was thinking of doing another Juice Reboot. As fo why, I would like to shed a couple of stubborn pounds, increase my veggie consumption, but also reboot my system to crave less sugar again. It's easy to slip into old habits. And this is a good way for me to start fresh again. I asked if anyone on my blog's Facebook page was interested in JOINING ME...and I was blown away by the response!! Over 100 of you have already committed to join. I'm so excited because we can motivate each other!! I will, of course, provide the menu, shopping list, and recipes. Here's the details:

  • Start date: Oct. 14th
  • Duration: 15 - 20 days
  • Format: 5 days fruits/veggies, 5 - 10 days juice only, 5 days fruits/veggies

Introducing The Spicy Carrot Juice:

To get us all excited, I'm sharing one of my new favorite juice recipes.  Did you know you can juice cauliflower?!?!

I love this juice because it is sooooo veggie-laden and packed with vitamins, but still delicious.

For those of you with kids worried about how you'll Reboot, be sure to check out my tips for Rebooting with a Family. Among them, let your kids taste sips of your juice and let them help put veggies in the juicer (if they're old enough, and with supervision of course!). Babycakes LOVES helping.

The Spicy Carrot Juice

The Spicy Carrot Juice


The Spicy Carrot Juice


12 Carrots
1⁄2 A Head of Cauliflower (blanched - cooked 1 min in boiling water)
2 Golden Beets (peeled)
1 Fuji Apple
2 Inches of Fresh Ginger Root


1. Blanch the cauliflower by submerging it in boiling water on the stovetop for one minute. (This kills any bacteria or small bugs that might be lurking in the dense cauliflower).2. Cut all items into pieces that will fit through your juicer chute.3. Start by juicing the Carrots and Beets.4. Empty out the pulp from the juicer, to save it for my Black Bean Quinoa Sliders recipe (optional).5. Juice remaining ingredients.6. Stir.7. Remove any foam off the top.8. Sip and enjoy!

Yields 40 Ounces