Peach Cherry Sunrise Smoothie Bowl

Say hellllllllllllllo to summer with this Peach Cherry Sunrise Smoothie Bowl! It's so fresh and vibrant and nourishing, and is the perfect way to start the morning.

I already declared my love for smoothie bowls here. And shared some tips on how to make them. 

But this time I want to go a little deeper. 

Be a little more vulnerable.

And hopefully inspire a few more of you. ... Read more » about Peach Cherry Sunrise Smoothie Bowl

Mother's Day Brunch Menu + Smoked Salmon Breakfast Stacks

These Breakfast Stacks are made with a spiralized veggie base (sweet potatoes + potatoes + zucchini) topped with garlicky greens, a fried egg, Alaska Gold Smoked Salmon, and a Thai chile apricot glaze. They're the perfect "main dish" for your upcoming Mother's Day brunch, or any weekend this Spring for that matter!

I've been working on this for what seems like weeks, no months, really: an epic Mother's day brunch, at the beach, with my mom and daughter and some friends. ... Read more » about Mother's Day Brunch Menu + Smoked Salmon Breakfast Stacks

Lemon Blueberry Cornbread Muffins with Basil

These lemon blueberry cornbread muffins are so light and fluffy thanks to the super fine stone ground corn flour from Bob's Red Mill. They're gluten-free, sweet, flavorful, and perfect for an upcoming weekend or Mother's Day brunch!

I reaiized I'm spoiled.  ... Read more » about Lemon Blueberry Cornbread Muffins with Basil

Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

These super colofrul dragonfruit smoothie bowls are the perfect way to celebrate Spring's arrival. Made with Silk unsweetened cashewmilk, frozen fruit and vegan protein powder --- and then topped with allllllllllllll the good things.

Have you gotten into the smoothie bowl trend?

Basically you pour your smoothie into a bowl and then top it with lots of yumminess.

But, first...a confession.

I used to think they were kinda silly. I did. ... Read more » about Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Spreading Love and Good-for-you Moments + Apple Pie Smoothies

Oh my starzies, couldn't we all just use a little more love these days? This year, Valentine's Day shouldn't only be about loving your significant other (if you have one); let's make it about spreading love and good-for-you moments to others. Loving our children. Loving our neighbor. Loving ourselves. Who's with me?!?

Be the love.

Be the kindness.

Be the peace.

Be the goodness. ... Read more » about Spreading Love and Good-for-you Moments + Apple Pie Smoothies

Try a Little Goodness + Mixed Berry Chocolate Smoothie

As much as I absolutely love the New Year and the sort of blank canvas that awaits (What will I focus on? How will I grow? What will I enjoy more? What will I commit to?), sometimes there's failure... or disappointment that you didn't meet your goal fast enough... or at all. But remember, every try is a step to being your best. ... Read more » about Try a Little Goodness + Mixed Berry Chocolate Smoothie

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie

You are going to LOVE this Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie --- it's packed with plant-based protein (34g per smoothie, oh my starzies!!), healthy fat, and gorgeous berries... and is beyond delish. 

I know. 

It's a little early to get in the Valentine's mood. 

But, I just love love. 

And the start of the new year is a great time to think about how much you love ----> yourself.  ... Read more » about Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie

Pumpkin Coffee Cake

This pumpkin coffee cake is decadent and delish and almost dessert-like, but still healthy enough for breakfast alongside your cup o' joe. Why not when it's packed with protein and totally dairy-free AND gluten-free!

Can we just stop for a minute and talk about how much I love autumn?! 

It's so inviting. 

And rich. 

And deeply-hued. 

And cozy.

And full of pumpkin-y goodness. ... Read more » about Pumpkin Coffee Cake