Middle School Class + {Better Vegan Pumpkin Muffins}

I shared this news on Facebook awhile back, but haven't posted about it on the blog. I am officially teaching a cooking class this fall --- a middle school elective once a week called "Nourishing Snacks." As part of the class, in addition to cooking / recipe creation, they will be learning about food photography, story-writing, and nutrition. ... Read more » about Middle School Class + {Better Vegan Pumpkin Muffins}

Nourishing Fall Favorites + {Pumpkin Pancakes}

Noticing a lot of pumpkin recipes in the blogosphere?  The truth is, I love pumpkin and bought multiple gigantic cans that are three and a half cups of pure pumpkin each!  I used 3/4 cup in Monday's Vegan Pumpkin Muffins, another 3/4 cup in these pancakes, and will have plenty left for white chocolate pumpkin pie bites and more.  That is what I call a stellar week! And I also created a special Pinterest board called "Nourishing Fall Favorites" that includes ... Read more » about Nourishing Fall Favorites + {Pumpkin Pancakes}

GF Vegan Pumpkin Muffins #nodairy #noeggs #nobutter

Truth: I do a lot of baking with greek yogurt and eggs.  Not exactly vegan-friendly! And while I'm not vegan myself, or gluten-free entirely, I love making recipes that are nourishing, simple-to-make, and satisfy what YOU want!  Some of you are allergic to eggs. ... Read more » about GF Vegan Pumpkin Muffins #nodairy #noeggs #nobutter

Noosa Giveaway + #glutenfree {Blueberry Muffins}

Can I just tell you that we are REALLY enjoying mountain living this summer? I know, I know...the winters are worse; but in a way they weren't. The roads were better maintained, the traffic was less dense, and my schedule was more flexible on those really snowy days. Anyways, who wants to think about or much less talk about winter right now?!?! Not me! Summer is winding down with the start of school tomorrow, but the weather is still amazingly warm. ... Read more » about Noosa Giveaway + #glutenfree {Blueberry Muffins}

Gluten-free Spice Muffins w/Dark Chocolate Streusel

Let's start with this...I am not gluten-free. I have never been gluten-free.  I don't intend to become gluten-free. I honestly didn't know much about gluten-free and was afraid to post about it for fear that I would claim some recipe was gluten-free when it was not. But really, it's not that scary. And from the sounds of it, from the answers/responses I received on my Facebook page, many of you would appreciate and like to see some gluten-free recipes here on my blog-- either for yourself or your family members ... Read more » about Gluten-free Spice Muffins w/Dark Chocolate Streusel

Nourishing Add-ins + {Pomegranate Oatmeal Bake}

With only one #ecookbook recipe left to cook, I have started in on the graphic design and "extras" that will be included. What kind of extras? Well, I just put together a 2 page spread detailing my top 6 baking essentials to keep stocked in your pantry --- and I LOVE how it turned out!!! The photography, the descriptions, the fonts... I know, I am a total geek!! ... Read more » about Nourishing Add-ins + {Pomegranate Oatmeal Bake}

5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes from No Sugar Sweet Life

I told some of you on Facebook that next week is my blog's birthday!  It's turning ONE!!  I am planning on doing a couple posts in the next week to highlight some of the highs and lows of the last year, to share some favorite recipes and to discuss how far I've come in terms of recipe creation, photography, etc..., how this blog has grown, and how my health has improved in the last 365 days :)  People get to m ... Read more » about 5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes from No Sugar Sweet Life

Breakfast with a Kick: {Southwestern Biscuit Quiches}

Well my friends, I did it again. (No oops about it). I created a masterpiece that you can customize to your specific liking: biscuit quiches. Similar to my many varieties of greek yogurt banana breads, I will continue to bake and create new varieties of these yummy breakfast beauties in the weeks to come!  After the inaugural Egg & Sweet Potato Biscuit Quiche that Dear Hubby declared to be the "best breakfast ... Read more » about Breakfast with a Kick: {Southwestern Biscuit Quiches}