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An extra hour to... PLAY! and Greek Yogurt

We are just LOVING this nicer (warmer) weather!  Babycakes loves being outside. She literally begs for it on the drive home now after work:  "Outside" "Playground" "Play" she says demands from the backseat, getting louder and more emphatic as we get closer to home.  So we usually walk to the neighborhood playground before dinner, swing for what seems like forever, and run around and go down the slide(s) a few times... ... Read more » about An extra hour to... PLAY! and Greek Yogurt

Saturday Exploration & Chickpea Salad

I don't know about you, but Saturdays have changedOh yes.  They are no longer the lazy days for sleeping in 'til 10 and eating brunch or starting the day at noon.  No, my Saturdays usually start earlier than the weekdays.  Monday through Friday like clockwork I have to wake Babycakes up around 7 to get out the door each morning; but without fail on Saturday, she's up around 6.  What's UP with that?!?!  I guess she just knows she gets to spend the day with ... Read more » about Saturday Exploration & Chickpea Salad

Infused with style/artistry...

Each day as I would write my next blog post, it just didn't feel completely right.   The structure was good.  The key elements were there; but it was missing something.  The site was too bland, too gray, too techy to fully express who I am and this exciting journey that I'm on.  So last night, my live-in web developer (dear hubby) helped me redesign the blog to infuse more style/artistry, more of me.  I am very happy with the new look!  Being married to the best Drupal developer in Denver definitely has its benefits!  Next item for refinement: my food pictures. 

... Read more » about Infused with style/artistry...

Mini-milestones - Are those new jeans?

As you may know, I'm two weeks into this thing...into the daily blogging experience, into the newly focused weight-loss mode, etc.  And though I do have specific short-term and long-term goals set out that I'm working towards, I'm finding there are little milestones along the way that are so fun to celebrate as well: ... Read more » about Mini-milestones - Are those new jeans?

Moment of Truth Thursday - Week 2

Before we get to week 2's weigh-in, here's what I ate yesterday:

(GASP)... I eat frozen meals.

There I said it.  I eat frozen meals on occasion.  I know, I "should" make all my own foods from scratch, go to the local market weekly, and whip up something delicious and healthy to provide for my family.  There's a lot of things I "should" be doing...but I just don't have time.  As I'm sure you know, there are a lot of gross frozen meals out there,  enough to potentially dissuade you from ever taki ... Read more » about (GASP)... I eat frozen meals.

Busy, Busy, Busy....Join the Club.

Isn't funny how in every stage of life you think you're soooo busy, and then as each stage progresses you just get even more busy?  In college I thought life was so busy - all those classes, all that studying, and all that free time to work out and hang out with friends.  Yeah, life was hard... ... Read more » about Busy, Busy, Busy....Join the Club.