A Case of the Mondays --- Brutally Honest

I thought about just not posting.  But, that's not really fair or transparent.  So here I am, in full blahness and frustration bearing my soul thoughts to you :) I'm hoping you can relate to this and in the end, find encouragement.  Even less than a week in to this new journey of blogging and refocus on weight loss, I am wishing the whole process was easier.  No, not creating a blog post.  That's really easy.  I am wishing it wasn't so hard to lose weight.

My hubby cannot relate at all

He is very logical, scientific, and smart (not that I'm not those things...they are just good descriptions which explain where he's coming from) .  He doesn't understand why this is all so hard for me.  To him it's the simple equation:  If you burn more than you take in, you lose weight.  Duh.  And yet, it just doesn't seem that simple for me.

He's the type, you know, who can eat whatever the heck he wants in however much quantity he wants and not gain 1 pound.  And if, heaven forbid, he does gain 1 or 2 pounds, all he has to do is just not drink coke for like 2 days and he's back to his normal weight.  It's sickening really. :)  As I'm feeling hungry these last few nights sipping on my cup of green tea, he's chowing down on candy:  Twizzlers, Mike n Ikes, Godiva Chocolate and washing it down with a crisp cold Coca Cola.  How is this fair??

I don't have that ONE THING to cut out of my diet to miraculously lose weight.   I cut all that stuff out years ago: sugar, caloric beverages, alcohol, sweets, big dinner parties, etc.  Which I feel makes my journey harder.   And then there's research that tells you not to eat too few calories, because then your body goes into fat-storing shut-down mode.  So it's this hard balance between not eating too much but not eating too little.

As I'm feeling down and discouraged, a few things come to mind:

  1. Rome wasn't built in a day.  I can't expect to lose another 40 pounds overnight, or in 5 days.  I just need to keep pushing forward making little good decisions that add up to a big change.
  2. Some things are easier for others.   I think of that idea that some people are just naturally brilliant and school is really easy for them versus some people have to try really hard to succeed in school.  They both end up with A's in the end, but their journey getting there looks very different.  I think the same is true for weight loss.
  3. I want to work smarter, not harder.  Just because I feel I'm giving 110% effort, doesn't mean I'm giving my effort towards the right things.  I want to work smarter, not harder.  I will be making future posts about what I feel is worth the effort and what is worth skipping... in terms of food choices, giving up certain things, exercises, etc.

Do you relate to any of this?? Or am I just crazy??

A few food comments:

Breakfast this morning... Broccoli and spinach pancakes. 

Though, I'd equate them more to like a "crab cake" than an actual pancake.  There's nothing sweet about them, and they're not "breakfast-y."   I used to eat these fairly often when I lost the first 40 pounds, so I am going back to some of these things that I know worked helped.   Topped with one slice of cheddar cheese, this breakfast had the following stats:  Calories = 240.  Protein = 9g.

Here's the box/packaging if you want to look for them at your local store.

And the main picture above was my snack: 1/4 trail mix and 2 small clementines. MMMmmmmm.