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The No Sugar Sweet Life

I will probably get some evil stares or at least some bewildered shrugs when I say: I don't really care about sugar.  I could go weeks, even months, without dessert.  In fact I did.  The entire last holiday season (Thanksgiving through New Year's) I literally only had one piece of dessert: a slice of pumpkin pie.  And it wasn't even that yummy!!  Now carbs that turn into glucose/sugar...that's a whole different story! ... Read more » about The No Sugar Sweet Life

Hello, My Name is...

Let me introduce myself, briefly.  Hello, my name is...Kelly.  I've struggled with weight and being health-savvy for my entire adult life...but finally decided life is too short to live perpetually unhappy.   I recently lost 40 pounds, after celebrating the first birthday of my darling daughter; but still have another 40 to go.  This blog is the next step in my journey towards a happy healthy life... the sweet life, no sugar added. ... Read more » about Hello, My Name is...

The Morning I woke up and decided to Blog

That would be THIS morning.  It started off just like any other morning: with an initial angry glare at the alarm clock (seriously, it's already 6AM?!?!), followed by a quick look at the video monitor to check on my sleeping munchkin.  I had my usual cup of coffee, ate breakfast, and checked gmail and facebook on my phone...alone.  My husband and 2 beagles were still asleep in our room.  The house was silent.  ... Read more » about The Morning I woke up and decided to Blog