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My hubby didn't get me a parka for nothin'!

Whew!  I'm tired... but in a good way.  I decided today was the day to start my "lunch" exercises and make the most of my mid-day break.  Though 40 degrees and windy outside, I bucked up and admitted to myself: my hubby didn't get me a down Patagonia parka for nothing!  Appropriately bundled, I headed out the door to walk to my newfound favorite lunchspot: an organic cafe in an office building nearby... Read more » about My hubby didn't get me a parka for nothin'!

Because this is how I roll, I mean, cook

I am the queen of subsititutions whilst cooking.  Sometimes out of clever planning, but most of the time out of desperation.  It usually happens like this: I scan a recipe I want to make to make sure I have all the ingredients.  Ground beef? ... Read more » about Because this is how I roll, I mean, cook

Photo Food Log #1 - Everything I ate Today

So I plan to share what I ate via photo and description every couple of days.  I always like getting ideas for meals, snacks, etc... and even more than that, I LOVE pictures!! So hopefully you will too.  I am such a sucker for the pictures in restaurant menus. And I digress...

So, here's today's (L to R): ... Read more » about Photo Food Log #1 - Everything I ate Today

Don't step on it... it makes you cry!

UGH...the dreaded weigh-in! I have to start somewhere though. And the good news is, I'm a lot lighter than I was 8 months ago :) Drumroll please...The starting weight for this blog(ger) is...

179.2 lbs.

Other tidbits you may be interested in: ... Read more » about Don't step on it... it makes you cry!

A Nearly Perfect Lunch...

First things first.  You MUST know...I am in love with obsessed with fish tacos.  It is extremely hard for me to pass one up.  If I could eat them every day I would.  My favorite fish taco establishment nearby work is Rubio's.  They are known for their fish tacos and specifically their "2 Taco Plate," which includes two fish tacos, a side of chips, and a side of beans.  But one day, not too long ago I realized a few things: ... Read more » about A Nearly Perfect Lunch...

The No Sugar Sweet Life

I will probably get some evil stares or at least some bewildered shrugs when I say: I don't really care about sugar.  I could go weeks, even months, without dessert.  In fact I did.  The entire last holiday season (Thanksgiving through New Year's) I literally only had one piece of dessert: a slice of pumpkin pie.  And it wasn't even that yummy!!  Now carbs that turn into glucose/sugar...that's a whole different story! ... Read more » about The No Sugar Sweet Life