Moment of Truth Thursday - Week 2

Before we get to week 2's weigh-in, here's what I ate yesterday:

  • Breakfast - 2 broccoli pancakes with cheese
  • AM Snack - Starbucks' "Calm" tea & a serving of dry roasted almonds
  • Lunch - Kashi Mayan Harvest

  • PM Snack - Tiny kiwi (probably way out of season and had to be shipped here extra special from super far away, but MAN, DID IT TASTE AMAZING!! Thank you UPS or DHL for delivering it to my local market), and 2 ham & edamame rollups.
  • Dinner - Taco Salad with 3 chili lime chips (Babycakes had 2 of mine seen in the picture above)

Overall it was a good week.  I was fighting a pretty nasty cold for some of it, which inevitably means I move (workout) less.  But, I'm pretty happy with the choices I made.  I included a lot of juice this week and made a lot of easy substitutions... all which paid off.

Previous Weight: 176.8 lbs (Week 1 Weigh-In)

Current Weight: 174.8 lbs

Change in Weight: -2.0 lbs

TOTAL Weight-loss since starting the blog: -4.4 lbs

I'm so excited and well on my way to reaching my goal(s)!!

Back to what I ate for dinner... I packed leftovers of the taco salad into one of my new Tupperware containers, in layers.  So it won't get all soggy.  I will mix it up at the office tomorrow. So excited!  Lean organic beef on the bottom, followed by lettuce, a sprinkling of cheese, large cherry tomatoes, and salsa (a healthy substitution from the regular fat-laden Catalina dressing that my hubby douses his taco salad in!).

How are you doing this week with making healthy choices and substitutions?