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Almost {Wordless Weekend}

This weekend was jam-packed full of of living: Hanging out with the fam, creating yummy meals, exploring the mountains, etc...  It was soooooooo jam-packed, that I just got home after 10PM, ran a load of dishes, quickly cleaned out the car, and am trying to get a quick blog post up.  I may be paying for this tomorrow!!  Oh.My.Goodness - you wouldn't believe the mess we can make in just a half day excursion!!  The joys of toddler parenthood I suppose.  Our trip did include cra ... Read more » about Almost {Wordless Weekend}

Is Sugar TOXIC???? + {Sweet Potato & Carrot Fries}

Sugar. So sweet.  So yummy.  So addictive?  So TOXIC???  I know. ... Read more » about Is Sugar TOXIC???? + {Sweet Potato & Carrot Fries}

Reboot Salads + {Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti}

How's everybody doing this fine Thursday morning?  Me? I'm in a good mood, silly even, thanks for asking :)  (Babycakes' new favorite word is "silly"... accompanied by lots of giggling).  Reboot Day 3 went much better.  I was peppier, more energetic, happier, and most importantly: headache-free.  YAY!!!  Someone asked me yesterday where I get all my salad recipes.  She was looking for a resource, a place to go... ... Read more » about Reboot Salads + {Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti}

Reboot Part 1: Grocery List, Menu, & Cost

First a few confessions.  My hubby said my blog was full of lies (thanks honey)... but what he meant was that I'm never showing you the WHOLE picture.  I'm only showing you the part I want you to see.   I'm not sure what you think about me or my life, but I struggle with the same things you do.  My sink is more often than not full of dishes, waiting for the dishwasher to be unloaded.  Even Babycakes' sink looks like mine! ... Read more » about Reboot Part 1: Grocery List, Menu, & Cost

Photo Food Log # 2 + {Pinterest}

First of all, I joined the weight loss blogger bandwagon this week - and FINALLY ordered some PB2!!  I found a combo pack from Amazon that came with both the regular pb flavor and the chocolate pb flavor.   What is PB2?  It's basically peanut butter powder.  They have extracted out the oils from the peanuts, and subsequently most of the fat too.  It has some awesome stats:  2Tbsp = 45 calories, 1.5 grams of fat, and 5g of protein.  So now that they have arrived, I am in exper ... Read more » about Photo Food Log # 2 + {Pinterest}

Mini-milestones - Are those new jeans?

As you may know, I'm two weeks into this thing...into the daily blogging experience, into the newly focused weight-loss mode, etc.  And though I do have specific short-term and long-term goals set out that I'm working towards, I'm finding there are little milestones along the way that are so fun to celebrate as well: ... Read more » about Mini-milestones - Are those new jeans?

Moment of Truth Thursday - Week 2

Before we get to week 2's weigh-in, here's what I ate yesterday:

(GASP)... I eat frozen meals.

There I said it.  I eat frozen meals on occasion.  I know, I "should" make all my own foods from scratch, go to the local market weekly, and whip up something delicious and healthy to provide for my family.  There's a lot of things I "should" be doing...but I just don't have time.  As I'm sure you know, there are a lot of gross frozen meals out there,  enough to potentially dissuade you from ever taki ... Read more » about (GASP)... I eat frozen meals.