Almost {Wordless Weekend}

This weekend was jam-packed full of of living: Hanging out with the fam, creating yummy meals, exploring the mountains, etc...  It was soooooooo jam-packed, that I just got home after 10PM, ran a load of dishes, quickly cleaned out the car, and am trying to get a quick blog post up.  I may be paying for this tomorrow!!  Oh.My.Goodness - you wouldn't believe the mess we can make in just a half day excursion!!  The joys of toddler parenthood I suppose.  Our trip did include crayons and a coloring book in the carseat, about a billion snacks, about half of which ended up on the floor, under Babycakes' butt cheeks, or on the seat next to her (thank goodness for dust busters!), a diaper change in my lap in the backseat (while the car was stopped of course!), and the coup de gras - painting with her water paint elmo book, paintbrush and all!   Here are a few pics from our weekend adventures:

Pizza #1:

Breakfast #1: Greek Yogurt Strawberry Banana Bread

Shopping w/Babycakes to buy non "wheat" flour for pizza attempt #2:

Babycakes at the cabin with "Bromma" watching about 2 minutes of Thumbelina.  I'm not sure what's "wrong" with OUR toddler, but she HATES tv, movies, and anything on a screen.   As soon as I turn anything on (even stuff kids are supposed to like: Elmo, Barney, Veggie Tales, ANYTHING... she says "no like that momma, off."  Well, ok then, missie!  I know in the end this is a GOOD thing... there's just sometimes when it would be sooooooooo awesome if she would sit for 10 minutes (ok, even 5) and watch something on tv while I got something accomplished.  Maybe when she's 12 :)

Pizza #2 - refining the recipe to share with you tomorrow - it was soooooooo much better the 2nd time around!

The special ingredient: Negra Modelo!

Breakfast #2 (to be featured as a guest post later this week at my friend Lauren's blog Oatmeal After Spinning).  I'll be sure to let you know when it's up!

I always make extra pancakes these days and freeze a few to pull out later in the week when I'm in a hurry for Babycakes' breakfast:

Babycakes wandering around the sporting goods store with a pink pool noodle... b/c that's how my baby girl rolls :)  And she's rockin' that "Pebbles" hairdo, no?

And, last, but not least:  Babycakes found a shot glass in one of our kitchen drawers and exclaimed: "Baby cup!!  Water in baby cup!"  So she drank about 5 shot glass' worth of water giggling the entire time.  I promise that's ALL that was in there :)


Anything exciting happen this weekend??