Cantaloupe Agua Fresca

Hey guys, it’s Leigh Ann here from My Diary of Us!  I’m here to let you in on a little secret…staying hydrated doesn't have to be boring and it doesn’t mean only drinking water!  If you just so happen to be one of those people who find it hard to drink water everyday, I have a little recipe that is going to be a game changer in the hydration department.  Adding fruit to water is a great way to add flavor and extra nutrients, but agua ... Read more » about Cantaloupe Agua Fresca

3 Ingredient Eggnog Smoothies

These Better-for-You Eggnog Smoothies are super easy to make (like there's only 3 ingredients!!), are packed with plant-based protein, and are so delish. They're the perfect way to start the day or if you need an afternoon pick-me-up during this busy holiday season.

One of the secrets to the deliciousness of this smoothie is...

The coffee ice cubes. <---- you heard me right!  ... Read more » about 3 Ingredient Eggnog Smoothies

Back-to-School for MOMS + Sparkling Peach Green Tea

As much as I've absolutely loved summer and all the fun we've gotten to have (swimming, popsicles on the patio, glamping, vacation), I'm also craving a little bit more routine that the school year inevitably brings. We all know going back-to-school is a big deal for our kiddos, but what about us moms?

Them: School supplies, clothes, homework, making new friends, etc... ... Read more » about Back-to-School for MOMS + Sparkling Peach Green Tea

Roasted Cherry Sangria + 8 Other Delicious Cherry Recipes!


Sweet glorious cherries. The epitome of summer.

Someday I'll invest in an actual cherry pitter -- but for now, I slice and remove the pits by hand with a small paring knife. Something about it is actually quite calming and relaxing. And the best part is... knowing what's at the end -- a beautiful bowl of deliciousness ready to be devoured as-is or thrown into banana bread, or a smoothie, or a salad, or cupcakes, or a lovely summer sangria. ... Read more » about Roasted Cherry Sangria + 8 Other Delicious Cherry Recipes!

Blood Orange, Carrot, & Ginger Juice

One of the few reasons to love winter: blood oranges are in season. 

Seriously, I love this fruit!

I love the variation of colors (especially the deep red), I love that they're a little sweeter and less acidic, AND I love all that immunity-boosting vitamin C (up to 40% more than a regular navel orange!) -- just what our bodies need in the middle of winter! It's like it was planned or something. ... Read more » about Blood Orange, Carrot, & Ginger Juice

Sangria w/a Twist: {Blueberry Citrus Bourbon Sangria}

Generally sangria is made with wine (red or white), vodka, and fruit. You can add a few things here and there to make it unique, but that is the general make-up. Well, I don't like following the "rules." So, last time I used sparkling white wine to make Strawberry Watermelon Sparkling Sangria. And this time, I subbed out the vodka and subbed in honey bourbon. ... Read more » about Sangria w/a Twist: {Blueberry Citrus Bourbon Sangria}

Simple {Strawberry Watermelon Sparkling Sangria}

I don't know if it's from turning 30 (a few years ago, lol), or having a baby, or trying to juggle being an accountant, food blogger, and mom, but one thing is for sure... I don't have a great short-term memory anymore. Whether it's talking about stopping to get the mail at the top of the driveway and forgetting by the time I'm speeding past the mailbox, or making a batch of hummingbird juice and cooling it quickly in the freezer only to forget it completely and have it turn into a solid block of ice, or having a list of 6 things ... Read more » about Simple {Strawberry Watermelon Sparkling Sangria}

Gym Update + {Almond Mocha Green Smoothies}

It's been a week since I joined a gym, the first step towards my summer goal. I went every single day, which is more than I'll normally go...but I wanted to get in the habit of being there and I wanted to take a couple different classes to see what was most challenging and motivating. ... Read more » about Gym Update + {Almond Mocha Green Smoothies}