A Car Accident + A Holiday Break (from Blogging)

Remember my recent post about my sweet Babycakes, whom I love more than she'll ever know, who lights up my world, who was my inspiration to get healthy, who is my little love bug? Well, I got the call no parent ever wants to hear yesterday:  Babycakes was in a terrible rollover car crash, with my inlaws, and I needed to get the to the emergency room as soon as possible.  ... Read more » about A Car Accident + A Holiday Break (from Blogging)

Creating Healthy Meals + {Citrus Confetti Quinoa}

I've discovered I like creating new healthy meals from items on hand rather than following a recipe.  I may draw inspiration from certain recipes or gather ideas for healthy ingredients to have on hand, but I have so much more fun creating (like an artist), mixing, pouring, measuring, and jotting down my notes on index cards.  I bought this aforementioned pack of index cards in college... ... Read more » about Creating Healthy Meals + {Citrus Confetti Quinoa}

Happy National Running Day!

Yesterday was National Running Day! (I actually didn't know until I saw the bajillion blog posts about it...heh).  But I shall celebrate none-the-less even if I'm a day late. I still don't/won't call myself a "runner"... but I am getting into the habit of running, slowly but surely.  It all started with the lovely Corrie Anne.  If you missed her guest post, be sure to go back and read it. 

No Pioneer Woman + {A Communion of Sorts}

Now I'm no Pioneer Woman, who got 48,000 comments on ONE BLOG POST (I left a comment myself to try to win an awesome turquoise pot...ha! No such luck.)  But, as I posted on Facebook yesterday, I have been overwhelmed with the number of visits/views/pins of my Strawberry Banana Greek Yogurt Bread and its Blueberry version...over 30,000 just this month!  I hope many of you have actually gotten the chance to make them and taste them for yourselves.  This excitement and pinning action piqued my interest. 

The 5 H's: Humor, Habits, Hugs, Hope, & Haydn

I mentioned awhile back that I wanted to do a couple new fun things with the blog - and one of those is to bring some outside perspectives (every once in awhile) on what others believe to be the essentials for a happy healthy life.  Afterall, that's the goal of this blog!!  I am soooooo excited to bring the next post in the series to you, from my blogger friend Corrie, a fellow Coloradan.  She is one of the first bloggers I started following when I was starting out.  I was immediately d ... Read more » about The 5 H's: Humor, Habits, Hugs, Hope, & Haydn

100th Post + {Prosciutto & Fig Goat Cheese Pizza}

Today we are celebrating something special - this is my 100th blog post!  Thank you again for joining me in this journey! I am excited to share a fabulous pizza recipe, originally inspired by my lovely mom.  Hers was covered in carmelized onions, which I'm sure would be good.  But dear hubby HATES onions.  Really, hate is a nice term for his overwhelming loathing of the sometimes smelly vegetable.  Dear hubby and I have been married for almost 8 years, but each time we're at my parents' house I have to remind them of his dislike hate of onions. 

Blend Part 2 - Oh how I love thee

Blend.  Do you really have to be over?  Do I really have to wait a WHOLE 'nother year for you?  Oh how I love thee!  At the intro session the three gals who envisioned, dreamed, created, and made this thing a reality: Lindsay, Janetha, and Katie said that this wasn't really a weekend about becoming a better blogger.  ... Read more » about Blend Part 2 - Oh how I love thee

Blend Part 1 + {From Obese to Healthy}

As many of you know, this weekend was the Blend Retreat in Boulder, CO:  a retreat for healhy living bloggers to meet in person, and enjoy good food, exercise, and conversation.  It was everything I'd hoped it'd be...and more!  I met some amazing women, learned a thing or two about blogging (since almost all of them have been doing this a lot longer than I have!), and got a well-needed break from the craziness of "normal life."  The retreat couldn't have been in a more beautiful spot - Chauta ... Read more » about Blend Part 1 + {From Obese to Healthy}