Blend Part 1 + {From Obese to Healthy}

As many of you know, this weekend was the Blend Retreat in Boulder, CO:  a retreat for healhy living bloggers to meet in person, and enjoy good food, exercise, and conversation.  It was everything I'd hoped it'd be...and more!  I met some amazing women, learned a thing or two about blogging (since almost all of them have been doing this a lot longer than I have!), and got a well-needed break from the craziness of "normal life."  The retreat couldn't have been in a more beautiful spot - Chautauqua park at the foot of the Flat Irons in Boulder.  This first photo shows all of us ladies hiking up to Royal Arch.  If you happened to be hiking there that day, I'm sorry.  I know it was annoying to have to wait for group after group of 20 chatty girls to pass by.  But we sure had a blast!!

Telling my story:

One of the most fun parts of the weekend for me was telling my story: introducing myself, my blog, and what I'm all about.  It went a little something like this: "Hi, I'm Kelly.  I blog over at No Sugar Sweet Life.  I'm pretty new to this whole blogging thing... I've been at it for about 3 months.  I recently lost over 50 pounds by cutting out added sugar from my diet, adding veggie juices, and watching my portions, etc... so my blog focuses on my weight loss journey and lots of easy healthy recipes." 

I didn't have this picture to show these ladies, but it would've driven home the point!  Here's a before and after pic (though I still have farther to go). 

Left to Right: From OBESE to HEALTHY.

I haven't done an official weigh-in on this blog in awhile, but I did have a May 1st goal if you remember.  So, how'd I do?

Previous Weight: 173.6 lbs (Week 5 Weigh-In)

Current Weight: 166.8 lbs

Change in Weight: -6.8 lbs

TOTAL Weight-loss since starting the blog: -12.4 lbs

Total Weight-loss since heaviest: -52.2 lbs

I did hit my May 1 goal of 166 by a couple pounds, though my weight went up slightly after all the fabulous food I ate this weekend!  I am now officially in the "healthy weight" for BMI.  (Yes, I'm tall, in case you're wondering!)  This is a MAJOR accomplishment for me.  I couldn't be happier, and feel GREAT!!  I need to set some new short-term goals this week, to help me meet my long-term goal of 139 lbs (wedding weight) by Dec. 31.  I will be sure to share them with you soon!

So, back to Blend...and food.

I ate Chobani greek yogurt every morning: #awholelottayum They had fabulous "yogurt bars" set up with a bajillion toppings to complement your yogurt.

An array of fruits, nuts, granola, Xagave sweetner, etc... Doesn't that bowl of mango look AMAZING?!?

And here's what mine looked like:

This was perfect fuel for our hike up the Flat Irons.  We went up to Royal Arch - which is no minor task!  It is plenty steep and long - and a GREAT workout!!   The company was fabulous and I just kept a slow and steady pace. I made it to the top, no problem, though I hadn't really "hiked" in almost 3 years!

I felt great, accomplished, and strong!

I will share more about the weekend this week!!


  • Any weekend highlights for you?
  • What is the last thing you did where you felt accomplished and strong afterwards?