A Car Accident + A Holiday Break (from Blogging)

Remember my recent post about my sweet Babycakes, whom I love more than she'll ever know, who lights up my world, who was my inspiration to get healthy, who is my little love bug? Well, I got the call no parent ever wants to hear yesterday:  Babycakes was in a terrible rollover car crash, with my inlaws, and I needed to get the to the emergency room as soon as possible.  I can't even describe that feeling adequately. Stomach sinking to the floor. Immediate sense of the need to vomit. Heartache. Tears. Fear. Anger. Sadness. Regret. Second-guessing. Disorientation...it took me like 5 full minutes to properly google search directions to the hospital.  My fingers wouldn't type through the tears.

A True Miracle

Before I go into too many more details, the ending of the story is good.  Babycakes is FINE. God was definitely protecting her... she only had a slight red rash on her arm from the side airbag deploying next to her. No cuts. No bruises. No aches. No broken anything. No whiplash. No nothing.  She's asking lots of questions..."why did we get in a car crash?" "why was the tire on the roof (b/c they landed sideways)", "where is my carseat?" "why was poppa bleeding?" ... and a few statements: "I don't like car crashes, momma."  and my favorite: "that was not a good parking spot."  No, Babycakes, it sure wasn't.

My inlaws are dealing with soreness and concussions and will be following up with more doctors this week.  The cause of the crash is still unknown.  My father-in-law "blacked out" and has zero recollection of the details of the crash.  He blacked out, went across the oncoming traffic lane, along the shoulder, and then off an embankment about 20 feet down, rolling multiple times. They did an EKG and CT scan to make sure it wasn't related to his recent heart attack or from a stroke or something, but all that came back clean. So, all we're left with, at the moment, is questions.

As soon as they came to a stop at the bottom of the hill, Babycakes yelled: "GET ME OUTTA MY CARSEAT, BRAMA!!!!!!!"

Soooooooooo, my friends... I am still very much in shock over this whole thing. It's been one awful month, but:

I'm thankful.

I'm hugging my baby girl and kissing her more than ever.

And I'm not letting her outta my sight.

...for a long long while.

Please pray for my entire family as we deal with these events:

Holiday Break (from Blogging):

With all that's been going on, the upcoming move into our new house, a trip to Arizona for Christmas, and spending more time with my girl, I am going to be taking an extended (but short) break from blogging until the new year. approximately 3 weeks.  

**PS. Some of my friends wanted to know about the car seat that Babycakes was in. Here is the info:  She was in a Safety 1st carseat (not her "best" or most expensive one -- the Britax Marathon 70 was in my car as she spends more time with me), but this secondary one sure did great.  We bought it at Costco... here's the link.