Happy National Running Day!

Yesterday was National Running Day! (I actually didn't know until I saw the bajillion blog posts about it...heh).  But I shall celebrate none-the-less even if I'm a day late. I still don't/won't call myself a "runner"... but I am getting into the habit of running, slowly but surely.  It all started with the lovely Corrie Anne.  If you missed her guest post, be sure to go back and read it. 

Go-To Meal: Taco Salad

I got this idea from one of my new Blends (Blogger + Friend), Lindsay.  She blogs over at The Lean Green Bean.  She talks about in this post, how we all have "go-to" meals...you know, the ones that are quick and easy and delicious and that we can pretty much make in our sleep.  I loved her series idea so much that I want to do it on my blog as well.  These go-to meals are often simple and mayb ... Read more » about Go-To Meal: Taco Salad

Determination + {Strawberries & Cream Pancakes}

Last night everything was screaming "NO RUN"...legs were sore, Babycakes wouldn't go to sleep, stomach hurt, and even dear hubby was whispering: "You could just skip it tonight." But my heart wanted it.  I had commited to YOU on Facebook that I would run 2 miles after work, and I just wanted to do something GOOD for my body.  So, I tied those purple laces and headed out the door while dear hubby play ... Read more » about Determination + {Strawberries & Cream Pancakes}

Sincere Thanks + {Greek Yogurt Blueberry Muffins}

To say I am overwhelmed with the positive responses and comments from yesterday's reward photoshoot post, would be an understatement.  Please accept my sincerest thanks for all of your kind words.  A whole extra level of joy was added to the celebration, being able to share in it with you!  How can I not get all warm and fuzzy when I read comments like this one?! ... Read more » about Sincere Thanks + {Greek Yogurt Blueberry Muffins}

Life, Running, + 7 pounds of Blueberries

These are my new sneaks. --> I love my purple shoes.  I love my bright purple laces even more.  Dear hubby and I went to REI this weekend because I had a giftcard AND a 20% off coupon- and this is what I walked out with.  These running shoes are made by Brooks and are made of that super breathable mesh material.  Supposedly they're the most "cushy" of the mesh shoes though, says the shoe saleslady.  I took them out for an innaugural run on Sunday, and loved them!  If I am going to be serious (which I am!!) about those new goals I set, new sneaks, consistent runs, and less baked goods will do me good!

Holy Carbs + {CHO Chocolate PB2 Banana Pancakes}

Evidently since finishing my Reboot, five days of juicing, and hitting my initial goal, my body has been craving carbs.  I mean a LOT of them.  Holy carbs, batman!! ... Read more » about Holy Carbs + {CHO Chocolate PB2 Banana Pancakes}

Forget the Bread, Make the Muffins!

People have been pinning my Greek Yogurt Strawberry Banana Bread and the Blueberry version like crazy.  Then, Chobani posted the Cinnamon Apple version on their Facebook page and things got even wilder!!  Welcome to all my new readers recently adde ... Read more » about Forget the Bread, Make the Muffins!

Chobani Love + {Greek Yogurt Cinnamon Apple Bread}

Yesterday I declared my love for Blend, the blogger retreat officially sponsored by Chobani.  If you happened to miss the recap of this amazing weekend, be sure to check it out!  Today I am excited to share my newest Greek Yogurt bread recipe with you - Cinnamon Apple Bread - along with my newfound love for Chobani.  Growing up I never liked yogurt, and now it's a part of my daily ... Read more » about Chobani Love + {Greek Yogurt Cinnamon Apple Bread}