Holy Carbs + {CHO Chocolate PB2 Banana Pancakes}

Evidently since finishing my Reboot, five days of juicing, and hitting my initial goal, my body has been craving carbs.  I mean a LOT of them.  Holy carbs, batman!! I've made breads, muffins, and pancakes like I'll never be able to eat them again in my whole life!!  At least I load them up with Chobani yogurt, my newfound love. The bad news is, this comforting carb baking loading can't be good for my diet (weight loss).  The good news is, they're all so delicious and you are getting some really good easy recipes back to back to back!  So for now, please enjoy this newest recipe added to my Chobani Greek Yogurt baking repertoire.

Introducing CHO Chocolate PB2 Banana Pancakes:

First gather your ingredients.  How could these NOT be amazing, with those ingredients?!?

Put into a mixing bowl.

Cook over low heat to brown evenly perfectly:

Top with sliced bananas and drizzle more chocolate PB2 (a bit runnier than normal made with more water) over the top... and VOILA!  Beautiful, mouth-watering protein-packed pancakes:

And I'm experimenting with a few other photography styles - one being a shot "from above"  Yep, still looks yummy...even from above!

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PS.  Some people have never heard of PB2 - it's basically a powdered peanut butter, with most of the oils (fat!!) removed. It's 85% lower in fat content and calories.  What's not to love about that??? Here's a pic:

The awesome people at Bell Plantation foods send me some samples to try awhile back, and upon first bite, I was hooked!!  I've since ordered it a couple of times!!!  You can buy it direct from their website, or you can also sometimes find it on Amazon (a bit cheaper).

PPS. I usually make all the pancakes and freeze any we don't eat, wrapped individually in foil.  They are perfect to eat throughout the week for an easy healthy breakfast.  Just microwave for 40 seconds!

Get ready for some real yumminess!!!

{CHOcolate PB2 Banana Pancakes}

{CHOcolate PB2 Banana Pancakes}


Pancakes infused with Chocolate PB2 powder, Greek Yogurt, and Bananas.


2 cups Healthy Start Bisquick
1 Ripe Banana (1/2 IN the batter, 1/2 on top)
6 ounces Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt
2 tablespoons Chocolate PB2 Powder
1⁄2 cup Vanilla Almond Milk (or plain)
1⁄2 cup Water
1 package Truvia (stevia)


  1. Mix ingredients together into a batter. 
  2. Pour over low heat into 5 inch pancakes.
  3. Flip when bubbles start appearing and bottom is perfectly browned. 
  4. Top with sliced bananas and extra PB2, and devour!

Yields 6 Pancakes