Moment of Truth Thursday - Week 3 + Pizza Crust!

Now that I think about it... maybe it wasn't the WISEST decision to make amazing Cauliflower Crust Pizza the night before an official weigh-in.  Buuuuut, I had just purchased my nooch (nutritional yeast) and I've been excited about this crust recipe for the last 24 hours straight :)  So I did it... on a weeknight. ... Read more » about Moment of Truth Thursday - Week 3 + Pizza Crust!

Pooch to 5K + Cauliflower Pizza Crust

I'm in a weird mood:  Kind of blah, kind of numb, kind of unmotivated.  Not sure why.  Nothing came to mind to write about tonight - and worse than that, nothing sounded good for dinner.  I stared into the fridge, to no avail.  Then I stared into the pantry, to no avail.  Then the freezer... nothing.   So I just didn't eat.  That is very unusual for me.   ... Read more » about Pooch to 5K + Cauliflower Pizza Crust

An extra hour to... PLAY! and Greek Yogurt

We are just LOVING this nicer (warmer) weather!  Babycakes loves being outside. She literally begs for it on the drive home now after work:  "Outside" "Playground" "Play" she says demands from the backseat, getting louder and more emphatic as we get closer to home.  So we usually walk to the neighborhood playground before dinner, swing for what seems like forever, and run around and go down the slide(s) a few times... ... Read more » about An extra hour to... PLAY! and Greek Yogurt

Moment of Truth Thursday - Week 2

Before we get to week 2's weigh-in, here's what I ate yesterday:

Hold the cream sauce.

I'm Italian. I grew up eating my grandmother's spaghetti every week.  I remember waking up to that powerful smell of garlic and tomatoes, evidence that my dad had been in the kitchen since 5AM. We had bread served with almost every dinner.  I love Love LOVE tomatoes. And I wholeheartedly prefer pasta to rice.  But I'm also on a diet, a very public diet that the world can see.   Does that mean I can never eat pasta again?

I don't think so. ... Read more » about Hold the cream sauce.

Because this is how I roll, I mean, cook

I am the queen of subsititutions whilst cooking.  Sometimes out of clever planning, but most of the time out of desperation.  It usually happens like this: I scan a recipe I want to make to make sure I have all the ingredients.  Ground beef? ... Read more » about Because this is how I roll, I mean, cook

A Nearly Perfect Lunch...

First things first.  You MUST know...I am in love with obsessed with fish tacos.  It is extremely hard for me to pass one up.  If I could eat them every day I would.  My favorite fish taco establishment nearby work is Rubio's.  They are known for their fish tacos and specifically their "2 Taco Plate," which includes two fish tacos, a side of chips, and a side of beans.  But one day, not too long ago I realized a few things: ... Read more » about A Nearly Perfect Lunch...