A Nearly Perfect Lunch...

First things first.  You MUST know...I am in love with obsessed with fish tacos.  It is extremely hard for me to pass one up.  If I could eat them every day I would.  My favorite fish taco establishment nearby work is Rubio's.  They are known for their fish tacos and specifically their "2 Taco Plate," which includes two fish tacos, a side of chips, and a side of beans.  But one day, not too long ago I realized a few things:

  1. I do not need that much food for lunch.  (I probably don't even need that much for dinner!!)  Maybe if I was a farmer, or gathered hay for a living, or had to walk 3 miles to get water for my village to drink, that much food would make sense.  But I don't.  I get to look forward to sitting for another 5 hours at my desk after lunch is over.
  2. I don't need chips.  I just don't.  They just add 300+ calories of fluff and fat, and honestly, very little enjoyment in return.
  3. I can request subsitutions.  Who knew?!?  I love their particular "Soy Sesame" taco, with spinach, lime, and a delicious sesame soy sauce. But, it comes with fried fish.  Today I asked if they could make the same taco (sauces, toppings, etc) with grilled fish... and GASP, they agreed!
  4. Portion. Portion. Portion.  I saved 560 calories and 30g of Fat (!!!) by not choosing the standard 2 Taco Plate and customizing my order based on smaller portions and healthier subsitutions.  Today's Lunch "stats":  Calories = 350; Protein = 19g; Fat = 9g. 

Which brings me to the title of this blog post... A Nearly Perfect lunch.

What would have made it more perfect????

  • Extra spinach - next time I will ask for it.
  • Having my hubby or baby along with me.

I also saw this dress on my way out of the mall.  If I was thinner, I would have bought it.  I don't want to have to keep saying that!!! 

Tomorrow will be my first official "weigh-in" on the blog, to be repeated every Thursday.  Wish me luck :)