Dabbling with Vegetarianism

First of all, let me preface this with: I am NOT a vegetarian.  I am dabbling with vegetarianism. There’s a huge difference!  I am not doing this for emotional reasons or based on a belief system about why the animal / meat industry is bad. I am doing this for health reasons…and because my doctor suggested it. ... Read more » about Dabbling with Vegetarianism

Staging Tips + {Slow Cooker Chicken Chili}

If you missed yesterday's post, I explained why I've recently been a lot quieter, posted a lot less updates on Facebook, and have felt like a cross between Superwoman and a psychotic. We are planning a big move to the mountains.  The official photographer is coming Thursday, which means everything has to be perfect by then.  Our realtor paid me the ultimate compliment by telling me she would not be sending her stager to my house. ... Read more » about Staging Tips + {Slow Cooker Chicken Chili}

{Healthy Pumpkin Muffins} + Bob's Red Mill Giveaway!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!  I spent most of it up in the mountains, unplugged, with no cell service or Facebook (or blogging!).  It was refreshing for sure! I feel more alive there: surrounded by pine trees and wildlife, breathing in the fresh mountain air, exploring with Dear Hubby and Babycakes. But I'm back, and this is the day you've all been waiting for: THE recipe for healthy Pumpkin Muffins (or bread) is in this post! ... Read more » about {Healthy Pumpkin Muffins} + Bob's Red Mill Giveaway!

#TTL3 - Making Hummus

Can you even BELIEVE it's going to be September soon?!?! Though the weather sure doesn't feel like fall is coming... 97 degrees today in Colorado...OUCH!  I did, however, spend the weekend dreaming of fall: cooking end-of-summer baked beans and perfecting my pumpkin bread recipe.  It took 3 times, but I mastered it. Beautifully. ... Read more » about #TTL3 - Making Hummus

#MMAZ Dates + {No Sugar Baked Beans}

I have been planning this recipe and post for literally weeks... ever since one of my readers requested a low (or no) sugar baked beans recipe in time for the Labor Day weekend festivities.  Your wish is my command.  Coinciding with this request was a new blog challenge created by my friend Heather where we cook through the alphabet: A to Z.  She picks the ingredients, we all create recipes/posts on Meatless Mondays with that same ingredient.  ... Read more » about #MMAZ Dates + {No Sugar Baked Beans}

Less is More + {Orange Glazed Carrots}

Starting today, I'm going with "Less is More" as the new mantra for this blog.  It came to my attention (from another blogger) that all the time and energy spent on writing daily posts (or 5x a week) might be falling on deaf ears.  Readers (like you!) are in blog-post overload. Recipe overload. Pinterest overload. You need some time to digest (and cook) all the wonderful recipes I'm publishing/creating for you. ... Read more » about Less is More + {Orange Glazed Carrots}

{Greek Yogurt Pineapple Nut Smoothie} - HLTT4

I have been on an almond kick lately. Why? Besides their obvious nutritional awesomeness (healthy fat, high protein), the main reason is because I bought the most gargantuan bag of Blue Diamond Natural almonds at Walmart last week! It is literally 2 pounds of oven-roasted sea salt almonds. ... Read more » about {Greek Yogurt Pineapple Nut Smoothie} - HLTT4

Party Recovery + {Summer Tabbouleh}

In case you missed Friday's blog post or recent Facebook discussions/pictures, you should know, this past weekend was Babycakes' 2nd birthday!  I'm in full party recovery mode, which means ignoring all dishes, feet up on the coffee table, and refusing to do most of anything. ... Read more » about Party Recovery + {Summer Tabbouleh}