Eat the Rainbow + {Golden Meatloaf}

Friday's Elf for Health challenge was to "EAT THE RAINBOW" and see how many colors we could squeeze into one day.  I had so much fun making my meals as colorful as possible (with no dyes of course!).  If only I could would eat this good EVERY day :)  The challenge made me think about getting a variety of colors and nutrients/vitamins, as well as focusing on fruits and vegetables, which tend to be the most colorful foods! ... Read more » about Eat the Rainbow + {Golden Meatloaf}

Food Photography + {Buffalo Cranberry Grilled Cheese}

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!! We spent ours up in the mountains at my inlaws' cabin.  A good time was had by all.  It was beautiful, mostly relaxing (because a meal with a two-year-old can NEVER be described as fully relaxing!!), and fun.  The cranberry relish and pie bites were a hit!  My father-in-law mentioned at the table as we were finishing up the lavish meal, just how much love (and effort!) goes into preparing such a feast, and how quickly it is gobbled up and over.  So true! ... Read more » about Food Photography + {Buffalo Cranberry Grilled Cheese}

Blessings + {Banana Cream Pie Bites}

Hi friends! I wanted to let you know that this will be my last post for the week, as I really want to unplug and enjoy time with family... you know, Babycakes...Dear inlaws. And I'm sure you will be spending more time focusing on your own families and food and just being together rather than reading blogs or looking for new recipes :)  I found this saying/photo on Pinterest -----> and just love it! ... Read more » about Blessings + {Banana Cream Pie Bites}

First V-Log + Weight Loss Plan for the Holidays

Eeeeeek!  As promised, I have my first v-log (video log) for you today.  I'm getting soooooooo technologically advanced.  I love how it feels a bit more personal hearing my voice than just reading the words I write.  Today's video is an intro to the whole video "thang", an explanation of the upcoming holiday baking I'm working on, a slight confession, and my weight-loss plan for the holidays. ... Read more » about First V-Log + Weight Loss Plan for the Holidays

Thanksgiving Side: {Tangy Green Bean Casserole}

This is the last day in the healthier Thanksgiving series that I embarked on this week.  It sure was fun to create all these new healthy dishes for you and your families to enjoy!  Like I said at the beginning, you don't have to use all of them, but just subbing in one of these healthier versions instead of the traditional will help you not to overdo it on Turkey-day :)  I'd love to hear which ones you actually cook, so be sure to email me or leave a comment afterwards!  Before making this di ... Read more » about Thanksgiving Side: {Tangy Green Bean Casserole}

Thanksgiving Side: {Slow Cooker Apple Sausage Stuffing}

I am LOVING this healthier Thanksgiving series!! It was just what I needed to get back into the swing of things (cooking, photographing, and blogging) after the big move.  And it seems you are loving it too! I received this sweet blog reader comment yesterday: "This Thanksgiving series is as beautiful as it is healthful. Thank you for your creativity and passion for living the healthy way. ... Read more » about Thanksgiving Side: {Slow Cooker Apple Sausage Stuffing}

Thanksgiving: {White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Bites}

 I lovvvvvve pumpkin pie. I always have. It makes me happy just thinking about it and the traditions surrounding it. My mom and I were crazy pumpkin pie eaters. Growing up, we literally ate it for breakfast every day of the entire week following Thanksgiving.  We always made a full extra pie just for this purpose. ... Read more » about Thanksgiving: {White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Bites}

Thanksgiving Leftovers + {Cranberry Pumpkin Relish}

This Cranberry Pumpkin Relish has a few surprising additions, but is a constant at our Thanksgiving table. And it has been for years. Forget store bought. Forget canned. THIS will be your new go-to cranberry relish recipe from this moment forward!

And if you haven't noticed, I use it in soooooooo many recipes because it makes great leftovers!

Recipes like: ... Read more » about Thanksgiving Leftovers + {Cranberry Pumpkin Relish}