A Long Hard Day + {Carrot Lemonade} - HLTT6

I'm really not sure what to write...which doesn't happen very often.  I think it's because I really like to be positive and right now the circumstances in my life are yelling at me (like my 2 year old) to feel sorry for myself, to give up, and to be silent.  I've had a long hard day. Babycakes refused to nap. I've yelled way too much: "Stop touching that." "Get off that table." "Stop hitting the doggie." "Get your foot out of the doggie water." "Stop pushing the computer power button." "Don't squeeze the diaper cream all over your room." "Don't bite me."   Shall I continue?  On top of that, I'm sick: (thank you toddler friend of Babycakes', I'm so glad we could get together to play and share germs...NOT).  When I'm sick with a cold I lose my appetite.  Today I literally had: for breakfast, coffee. For lunch, this refreshing juice I'm about to share with you. For dinner, a can of french green beans.  And I have zero appetite as I'm getting ready for bed.

Introducing this week's Healthy Living Thirsty Thursday:

{Carrot Lemonade}

High in beta-carotene, potassium, folic acid, and iron, this juice delivers a heavy nutritional punch.  It features carrots, lemons, and golden beets (including their greens).

I added a few drops of lemon Stevia to sweeten it up a bit, from the bitterness of the beet greens. 

This was refreshing, cleansing, veggie-packed, and waaaaaaaaaay healthier than store-bought versions. It's the perfect summer drink to sip on the patio!


  • Do you lose your appetite when you have a cold?
  • What are your best cold "remedies"?

{Carrot Lemonade}

{Carrot Lemonade}


Carrot Lemonade | No Sugar Sweet Life


8 Carrots
3 Golden Beets (greens included)
4 Lemons
6 drops Lemon Stevia


  1. Peel beets.
  2. Cut off lemon peels.
  3. Juice all ingredients, greens first.
  4. Serve over ice.

Yields 36 Ounces