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Guest Post: My first 5K

Babycakes and I are enjoying our last full day of vacation.  She is currently at the pool splashing around with her Nonni and Poppi, soaking in as much fun and excitement as humanly possible!  We have had a wonderful time and eaten a wide variety of interesting foods.  Babycakes' favorite meal was the homemade goat cheese, carmelized onions, and fig pizza! I so love that she's so adventurous and actually enjoys a wide range of healthy foods. ... Read more » about Guest Post: My first 5K

Guest Post: How Not to Train for a Marathon

Good news, y'all.  I survived the solo toddler flight.  We have arrived in Arizona and are currently being pampered to the max by my loving parents and grandmother!  It's blazing hot, but we're enjoying lots of pool time and cool drinks.  Oh yes, there will be an amazing post for this week's Healthy Living Thirsty Thursday!  Anywho, I am so excited to introduce you to one of my favorite new blends (blogger + friend) Calee, whom I met at the Blend Retreat.  She is beautiful, energetic, spu ... Read more » about Guest Post: How Not to Train for a Marathon

Happy National Running Day!

Yesterday was National Running Day! (I actually didn't know until I saw the bajillion blog posts about it...heh).  But I shall celebrate none-the-less even if I'm a day late. I still don't/won't call myself a "runner"... but I am getting into the habit of running, slowly but surely.  It all started with the lovely Corrie Anne.  If you missed her guest post, be sure to go back and read it. 

Life, Running, + 7 pounds of Blueberries

These are my new sneaks. --> I love my purple shoes.  I love my bright purple laces even more.  Dear hubby and I went to REI this weekend because I had a giftcard AND a 20% off coupon- and this is what I walked out with.  These running shoes are made by Brooks and are made of that super breathable mesh material.  Supposedly they're the most "cushy" of the mesh shoes though, says the shoe saleslady.  I took them out for an innaugural run on Sunday, and loved them!  If I am going to be serious (which I am!!) about those new goals I set, new sneaks, consistent runs, and less baked goods will do me good!

Reboot Tips + {Love Yourself MORE}

Day 1 complete!  Here's an honest look at the first day of a Reboot.  I woke up excited to start, surprisingly refreshed given the hectic evening a few hours earlier.   It was actually the first night I EVER remember writing a to-do list for what I needed to accomplish between 8PM and 11.  Whew!!  So I started with the lovely cinnamon apple bake, but by 10:15AM I was really hungry.  I fought it by ... Read more » about Reboot Tips + {Love Yourself MORE}

Weigh-In #5 + {Babycakes' Pancakes}

I made a fabulous Asian Lime Salmon for dinner last night which you can see here ------>  I was planning on detailing that recipe on the blog today, but something even more amazing happened in the midst of my creation.   Babycakes wanted my attention.   She had missed me all afternoon.  She was chomping at the bit for Momma time.  So dinner prep became Momma/Babycakes time.  I had her help me stir the marinade, and she loved being such a helper.  When it was ... Read more » about Weigh-In #5 + {Babycakes' Pancakes}

I hate following recipes + {Overnight Oats}

Honestly, I never thought I liked cooking.  It was such a chore.  It was always so messy.  It was so tedious.  I wasn't very good at it.  I was always missing ingredients.  But what I realized is: I just hate following a recipe.  I like being creative.  I like trying new things.  I like problem-solving.  I like discovering how flavors blend.  I like creating meals based on ingredients I have available (so shopping for good staples is key!).  I like feeling accomplish ... Read more » about I hate following recipes + {Overnight Oats}

Recipe: Carbeeple = Carrot Beet Apple Juice!

Happy Monday folks!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend & St. Patty's day as much as I did.  Evidently I was in creative mode all weekend because I created a brand new delicious Citrus Kale Salad... AND  I made up a new name for my 2nd favorite juice: Carbeeple!  It's a mix between carrots, beets, and apples.  Mmmmmm!  It's super sweet and loaded with nutrients.  And that color would make a beautiful lipstick :)