Recipe: Carbeeple = Carrot Beet Apple Juice!

Happy Monday folks!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend & St. Patty's day as much as I did.  Evidently I was in creative mode all weekend because I created a brand new delicious Citrus Kale Salad... AND  I made up a new name for my 2nd favorite juice: Carbeeple!  It's a mix between carrots, beets, and apples.  Mmmmmm!  It's super sweet and loaded with nutrients.  And that color would make a beautiful lipstick :)

Recipe for Carbeeple Juice:


  • 2 pounds of carrots
  • 2 golden delicious apples
  • 3 small beets (peeled)

Yields ~ 32 ounces

My dear hubby always commented that this particular juice wasn't his favorite b/c it tasted like dirt. Lovely :)  So this time I took extra special precaution and actually peeled/cut off the skin of the beets (the dirtiest part), and it made such a big difference!   He gave it his veggie-hating-hubby stamp of approval :)  I used the same peeling/cutting method as I use for the lemons in the Mean Green Juice (my #1 favorite juice).

I juiced all the carrots first, just to see how many ounces 2lbs of carrots would make.  Turns out  2lbs of carrots = 20 ounces of juice.   Then, I emptied out my juicer (until I invest in a larger one, I have to empty out the pulp half-way through the juicing process each time).  And I juiced the apples and beets together.  LOOK at that bright pink/red color!  B-e-a-utiful!!

Then I mixed it in with the carrot juice for the final product:  Carbeeple!!

This juice was so yummy.  As I was cleaning out the juicer afterwards looking at the beautiful bright red pulp, I decided at some point I will make a cranberry beet apple salsa out of the pulp... it would be so good as a turkey accompaniment.  But this time, I just put it down the disposal.

Do you ever use the pulp leftover from juicing to make anything?

For breakfast I had 2 eggs with a tiny bit of mozzarella (cooked in a special microwave ceramic egg cooker - that's why the eggs look kindof "shaped"), with a few grape tomatoes (sooooooooo sweet!!) and some roasted red pepper hummus.  It was a great start to my day and fuel for my afternoon run with BOTH doggies! Yes, run #3 is done! Week #1 of the Pooch to 5K is complete... I feel so accomplished :)

The best part of that meal was the Cedar's hummus (see pic below).  I have no idea why they call it "hommus" instead of "hummus"... maybe it's more authentic that way??  Nonetheless, it tasted amazing.  I literally had to look at the ingredient list twice to make sure there wasn't sugar or some other sweetener in there because it tasted so sweet and delicious.  No sugar... just roasted red peppers in their prime.  I will definitely be buying this kind again and again and again.  Even Babycakes ate about 1/3 cup of it!  PS. I bought it at Walmart.

Do you love hummus?  What do you eat it with?

Did you do anything "creative" this weekend?