The Morning I woke up and decided to Blog

That would be THIS morning.  It started off just like any other morning: with an initial angry glare at the alarm clock (seriously, it's already 6AM?!?!), followed by a quick look at the video monitor to check on my sleeping munchkin.  I had my usual cup of coffee, ate breakfast, and checked gmail and facebook on my phone...alone.  My husband and 2 beagles were still asleep in our room.  The house was silent. 

Honestly, I don't get much "quiet" in my life these days; so I soaked it all in. So much so that I was late waking Babycakes up.

As I got her ready, she kept saying "Home"... "Home, Momma" as though she knew that was the one thing I couldn't provide for her: staying home.  We scurried out the door, and just like every morning, she proceeded to tear off her shoes and socks the instant her cheekers hit the seat.  I swear she'd be naked back there if she wasn't buckled in!   I dropped her off at school and headed in to the office... still unaware that this was going to be such a monumental day!

Maybe it was the fact that I needed a second cup of coffee.  Maybe it was the lack of sleep I'd gotten this past weekend because my dog had been sick and had to go to the vet at 1AM.  Maybe it was the fact that I was contemplating GIVING UP FACEBOOK for the 40 days of Lent.  Or maybe ... just maybe... it was just meant to be, that I would feel the strong desire urge to start a blog... THIS day. 

So here I am.  Ready to begin this new journey.