Don't step on it... it makes you cry!

UGH...the dreaded weigh-in! I have to start somewhere though. And the good news is, I'm a lot lighter than I was 8 months ago :) Drumroll please...The starting weight for this blog(ger) is...

179.2 lbs.

Other tidbits you may be interested in:

  • Height = 5'8.5" 
  • BMI therefore = 26.67 = OVERWEIGHT.
  • Jeans/Pants size = 14

This cartoon just made me laugh (!)  I can admit I have shed a tear once or twice because of a dreaded number on the scale.  The most recent memory I have of that was when I came home from the hospital with my darling daughter (who was 8lbs., mind you) and I shuddered to see that I had actually GAINED WEIGHT while in the hospital.  Yep, +3 lbs from the time I went to the hospital her still in my belly, to the day we came home, her well outside my belly screaming her head off at all hours of the night. :)  It was not pretty!

As a general rule, I weigh myself often... pretty much every day.  But for the purposes of this blog, I'll just post #s once a week.

And I must make another confession: I picked Thursdays as my blog weigh-in days... because well, Wednesday seemed too early in the week (though "Weigh-In Wednesday" does have a cute but cheese-y ring to it),  and I just don't want to be bummed out on Fridays.  Cheery outlook, eh?  "Hopefully" I will be making progress week to week and have nothing at all to be bummed about - only celebrations - but only time will tell!

I was "planning" on taking a photo of the scale # to post up here, but realized... whew, I REALLY need a pedicure.  The whole half-peeling, half-red, "winter" toes were doing the scale picture no favors!

 What are YOUR weighing habits?  Do you do it daily or refuse to step on?