The No Sugar Sweet Life

I will probably get some evil stares or at least some bewildered shrugs when I say: I don't really care about sugar.  I could go weeks, even months, without dessert.  In fact I did.  The entire last holiday season (Thanksgiving through New Year's) I literally only had one piece of dessert: a slice of pumpkin pie.  And it wasn't even that yummy!!  Now carbs that turn into glucose/sugar...that's a whole different story!

Even for my birthday this year, I asked for my mother-in-law to make me fruit (yes, my hubby thought I was crazy!).  I like my tea unsweet, the more bitter the better.   But, I want my life to be sweet.  To enjoy sweet moments with my husband and with my daughter.  To be healthy and happy.  To savor each moment.  And to inspire others to do the same.

Despite my non-chalant attitude towards sugar, I still struggle with weight.  I'd just rather eat a scrumptious piece of cheese or a handful of trail mix than down a piece of chocolate cake.  I'm discovering that the amount of food I eat (portion) is a major factor in my journey, rather than just the types of food that I'm eating.  I read some crazy statistic that Americans underestimate the number of calories they eat by almost 30%... AND that eating just an extra 100 calories a day (which is less than one soda, or one piece of bread, or one serving of yogurt) causes us to gain 10 POUNDS A YEAR.  That has been my path.  Until now...

I'm gonna be in control of what goes into my body.

I'm gonna make healthy decisions based on my goals, not on emotions.

I'm gonna start living the sweet life, no sugar added.

And I'm gonna teach my little munchkin how to have a good relationship with food, and to use food as fuel for her growing body.