Excuses, Excuses, Excuses...

I know weight-loss is a tough topic for most of us.  It is easy to feel lots of guilt, shame, and 100 other awful things when we start thinking about our weight, where we're at, where we think we should be, etc.  So this morning, I just want to touch on some of the top excuses (reasons) I came up with personally, that have kept me from getting the body I know I deserve.

  1. I don't have time to focus on losing weight.  (But, we're all busy, and we all are given the same 24 hours each day.  It's up to us how to use them.  And making simple subsitutions helps too.)
  2. I don't have time to exercise.  (See note above).
  3. It's too expensive to eat healthy. Junk food is cheap.   (Eat better healthier food, but less of it!!  DOUBLE WEIGHT-LOSS GOODNESS!)
  4. I don't need to lose weight - the people in my life should love me for who I am no matter what size I am.  (TRUE, they should love you no matter what.  But, if it's important for your health/happiness, then you should do it for YOU, not for anyone else anyway).
  5. It's too hard/too much effort to lose weight, and life is too short to be so "stressed" about dieting all the time.  (It takes the same amount of time to eat bad fried food as it does to eat healthier food.  It all goes in, one spoonful at a time!)
  6. I need to focus on the other people in my life (daughter/hubby) and not myself.  (Being healthy and happy goes a long way towards showing my daughter and hubby that I love them.  It also is a great role model for Babycakes as she's growing and learning to love her body).
  7. I will lose weight later, after I've had all my kids.  (I feel it's better to shed the lbs. you gain during pregnancy so you can have a healthier, fitter 2nd (or 3rd...) pregnancy.  And I was overweight before my pregnancy, so if I do get pregnant again in the future, I'm so excited to see how much better I'm going to feel throughout).

Honestly, I could probably triple this list in a few more minutes.  The excuses are endless.  But, as I said in the "About the blogger section", life really is too short... too short to live perpetually unhappy.

Do you relate?  Do you cling to any of my excuses above? Or do you have a reason all your own that you use to stay where you're at?  I love that quote at the top:  "A year from now you will wish you had started today." 

Join me in this journey towards a happy healthy life, no sugar added!