Got 3 Minutes??? A WEEK?

If you don't have 3 minutes a week to spare, you need some serious help.  (ie. stop. drop. roll! your life is on fuego!!)  A new study came out by the BBC that claims you can get fit(ter) by exercising a certain way for 3 minutes a week.  You read that right.  Not three minutes a day, even!!  3 MINUTES A WEEK.  I was intrigued.  Are you?  Are you alive???

It says that doing High Intensity Training, which is basically doing intervals (a few minutes of regular exercise followed by short spurts of go-as-hard-as-you-can-like-a-cheetah-is-chasing-you effort), can have a dramatic effect on both your aerobic fitness and your insulin sensitivity.  (Read the entire article here). 

The study says not everyone will be benefit, but hey... why not give it a try?

Think of all the things you waste 3 minutes on:

You get the point :)  Dig that exercise bike out of the basement and join me in this little experiment!!  I'll let you know how much fitter I feel tomorrow!

Food Comments -

The pic above is my lunch today:  Subway ham and egg sandwich with spinach, banana peppers (a LOT of them!!), olives, and some sweet onion sauce.  Did you know you can get these protein packed sandwiches all day, not just at breakfast???  I skipped the chips and also skipped the cheese.  I discovered the extra calories/fat of cheese on these particular sandwiches are not actually missed.  The sandwich tastes just as good and flavorful without it.  For breakfast I had cinnamon high-fiber oatmeal with 1Tbs chopped walnuts.  MMMMMMM.