What is it for?

First the confession: I sometimes often shop at Walmart.  There I said it.  Judge me as you like, but I have my reasons:  a) It's the closest by distance (1/3 the distance to a regular grocery store) and b) I don't feel the need to dress up or look my best.  Ha!  Because, hey... it's Walmart.  If I have a shirt, workout pants and some shoes, I'm good.  Anyways, every time I go to this said Walmart and buy kale, it causes me trouble at the checkout.  90% 100% of the time the cashier doesn't know what it is and gives me a weird look like, what in the heck are you buying?  I calmly tell them it's Kale, and that it's $1.88 a bunch.  This seems to settle them a bit as they scour the laminated veggie sheet looking for the code.   But this time, the checkout person went a step further and asked, "what is it for?"  After the initial giggle I felt inside, I mentioned to her that it's a vegetable and that people eat it in salads or even juice it with other veggies and fruit.  She looked bewildered, probably never having sold another bunch of kale to another Walmart customer in her entire life.

I am still learning when it comes to Kale.  I often have more Kale Fails than successes, but I'm determined to master this vitamin-packed vegetable.  I had big intentions of making (and documenting) the Mean Green juice this weekend, or making the amazing sounding Kale salad that I found that has peaches, almonds, and other yummy goodies.  But, instead I am sick, sick, SICK... in bed.   My diet this weekend has consisted of cherry cough drops, water, and snot drainage.  TMI, I know, sorry.  But that's the truth.  I did force myself to eat some oatmeal with walnuts this morning, and I've been drinking water.  But I really have zero appetite.  And zero energy.  Again, my hubby cannot relate at all.

He has been sick, like "really sick" one time in our 7.5 years of marriage.   His immune system is wickedly good.  It must be all that candy and coke he consumes! Ha!!  Whatever the cause, I'm of course happy for him that he's never had to deal with how I've felt this weekend: miserable.  But, it's frustrating to no end to have someone who can't sympathize with my suffering. 

People often talk about how when their husbands get sick it's like the whole world ends, that guys can't handle being sick and need so much extra attention.   Not mine.