Wins & Losses + {Home, the Perfect Nest}

Janetha called it lazy, but I (& the other 433+ readers of her blog) called her recent Wins & Losses blog post super fun and creative!  She's also the clever gal that came up with the "Get to know the blogger" survey in this past post.  Anywho, in the spirit of her blog post, I will start out with a recent win.

Win: My hubby and I just refinanced our mortgage.

We now owe $105K less in interest over the life of the loan.  Cha-ching!  (I'm going to trrrrrrrry not to spend it all in one place! Ha.  But seriously, it was a painstakingly long process and I'm so glad it's finally over.  But, who can argue with saving $105K?!?!?!

Loss: Looking at the "original cost of our house" # on the loan docs.

Ouchie begouchie!!  We bought just at the height of the housing bubble in 2007.  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!   Thankfully though, we love our house, have great neighbors who are at a similar stage in life, and enjoy being in Colorado.  Here's a pic of my living room that I just loooooooooooove.  (It looks a bit different now that it's toddler-i-fied!)

And now that I've dug out the "house" pics... I just HAVE to share a few more :)  Here's my kitchen, where all the juicing, cooking, and creating magic happen.   My mom got me those cool pendant lights from Chiasso for Christmas!  And, yes, I have a pink chicken on my island.  He makes me happy :)

And last but not least, my love for birds... intro pic + a couple from Babycakes' nursery.  (A funny Portlandia episode is coming to mind!)

My mom's friend hand-made these little birdies for Babycakes.  Aren't they adorable?!

I better share another win!

Win: I health-i-fied my dad's bruschetta shrimp pasta recipe.

As mentioned, I was dying to try this.  I cut the added sugar (recipe calls for 2 Tablespoons of the nasty white stuff) and subsituted minced honeydew melon instead.  Here's a pic of the prepared bruschetta. I will have to post a full recipe another time.

Loss: I still wanted to eat the ENTIRE bowl!

I did want to, but exercised great self-control.  I served myself a 1/2 cup of pasta (which when you measure it out looks laughably small and more like a toddler's portion), and made sure to get mostly tomatoes and shrimp and just a "little" of the sauce.   It ended up being a perfect amount when I actually sat down to eat it.  (so that was a win!!)

Win: I'm going to be featured as a guest blogger again soon.

I am working on a piece that interviews foodies, bloggers, and the like...about the contents of their fridge, answering questions about shopping habits, food must-haves, and how to stick to a budget.  Here's the pic of my fridge that I am likely going to submit.  Isn't it pretty??!?!

One of the questions asked what food in the fridge each member of the family is the most excited about.  That was an easy one: For me, it’s definitely the grape tomatoes.  MMMMMMMM. I’m Italian, and I could probably eat 1,000 of them!  For my hubby, probably the 2 beers.  Ha!  (Too many veggies in that fridge for his liking).  And for Babycakes, probably the cheese and yogurt.  She loves all dairy (except actual milk!).

Loss: About half the things in that fridge are gone now :(

But they sure tasted good!

Win: I get to sleep in Wednesday morning!


Loss: Babycakes ALWAYS wakes up EARLY on mornings we can sleep in.


Questions for you:

1. a win from your day?

2. a loss from your day?