One Pot Lasagna Soup

Hey! @lunchesandlittles here and I have a confession: I love pasta. ... Read more » about One Pot Lasagna Soup

Tomatoes All Day Long

From waffles to mason jar salads, to hummus and salsa, to nachos and soup... Village Farms  tomatoes are such a versatile and healthy addition to meals throughout the day. Joy and I are excited to share a few delicious recipes you're going to want to make ASAP. ... Read more » about Tomatoes All Day Long

Heirloom Tomato Flatbread with Honey Goat Cheese and Basil

Say helllllllllllllllllllo to summer with this gorgeous heirloom tomato flatbread. The crispy Flatout pizza crust is the perfect backdrop for the sweet, roasted heirloom tomatoes, honey goat cheese, and basil. 

Heirloom tomatoes fascinate me. 

All those interesting colors. 

And weird shapes. 

Each a work of art --- but even more beautiful when put together side by side.  ... Read more » about Heirloom Tomato Flatbread with Honey Goat Cheese and Basil

My Little Helper + Slow Cooker {Chicken Corn Chowder}

Honestly, I don't remember ever spending much time in the kitchen growing up. Or grabbing a stepladder or chair to get closer to the action. Maybe because of this, or maybe just because... I always hated cooking. For my entire 20s, and into my 30s: Hated it.  And then something happened -- I realized I liked being creative in the kitchen. It wasn't the cooking itself I hated, it was following recipes.  I was being held back by the list of ingredients on the page. ... Read more » about My Little Helper + Slow Cooker {Chicken Corn Chowder}

House Hunting + {Slow Cooker Tuscan Tortellini}

Let me just get this out now... House Hunters the TV show makes house hunting look waaaaaaaaaay more fun than it really is in real life.  If only I had a few extra hundred thousand dollars, I'm sure I could find my dream home no problem. Ha!!  As it stands, I'm finding that I WILL have to compromise on something, be it square footage, or newness, or acreage, or distance/commute, or sun exposure, or... ... Read more » about House Hunting + {Slow Cooker Tuscan Tortellini}

From Bookmark to Blog: {Tomato & Lemon Tofu Sammies}

All of my Blends (blogger + friends) are amazing. Truly, Such.Great.People. And creative too! It's so wonderful to have like-minded, supportive, inspiring people around you. Which brings me to my friend Gina, from Running to the Kitchen. ... Read more » about From Bookmark to Blog: {Tomato & Lemon Tofu Sammies}

Party Recovery + {Summer Tabbouleh}

In case you missed Friday's blog post or recent Facebook discussions/pictures, you should know, this past weekend was Babycakes' 2nd birthday!  I'm in full party recovery mode, which means ignoring all dishes, feet up on the coffee table, and refusing to do most of anything. ... Read more » about Party Recovery + {Summer Tabbouleh}

Homemade Vegetarian Double Decker Tacos

We don't frequent Taco Bell, and as I mentioned in this post, Dear Hubby doesn't really like Mexican food.  But he LOVES their double decker tacos.  Crunchy layered goodness! So when brainstorming my next vegetarian meal attempt, these came to mind.  I saw the MorningStar Farms' Crumbles at Walmart and put them right into the basket.  These would be my base.  I bought a bunch of other veggies that I thought I could easily disguise, like a frozen veggie combo pack of corn, black beans, red peppers, and onions and a bag of fresh broccoli "slaw" ... Read more » about Homemade Vegetarian Double Decker Tacos