To my sweet baby girl

By the time you read this Monday morning, I will be in Arizona. I flew down to help my mom organize/pack/simplify my grandmother's house. I couldn't stand the idea of her doing it alone. So I hopped on a plane and here I am.  I'm so glad to be a support to my mother...to be an extra set of hands...and to just be with her, even if it is just discussing which 20 markers out of 432 we should keep.  As for traveling, it wasn't such a big deal before I had a child. ... Read more » about To my sweet baby girl

Home Improvement Projects + {Bruschetta Quinoa Sliders}

After the blizzard we had on May 1st, I thought Spring would never come!! I know "we need the moisture" but seriously, couldn't this said moisture have come during WINTER?!??!! Well, I'm pleased to announce that Spring has officially sprung here in Colorado...and with it have come mild evening temps, hummingbirds galore, budding flowers, and a renewed desire to do home-improvement projects. ... Read more » about Home Improvement Projects + {Bruschetta Quinoa Sliders}

Smiles + {Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Bread}

This past weekend was all about my little girl and making as many smiles happen as humanly possible. #priorities #nonewblogpostonMonday  We hiked. We lowered the temp on the hottub and splashed around as a family. We fed peanuts to squirrels. We ate fish tacos with my inlaws. We swang at the park. And we accomplished nothing. And it was perfect... and needed.

Oh, and we ate chocolate-y peanut butter bread. ... Read more » about Smiles + {Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Bread}

New Rules + {Homemade Self-Rise Pizza}

It's been one of THOSE weeks!  My days have been memorable in terms of raising a happy, healthy child.  Babycakes is in the middle of her "wonderful twos" and never ceases to amaze me with her intellect, challenge me with her negotiation and reasoning, and drive me absolutely bonkers with her lack of obedience.  That sounds nicer than it could have, right?  Earlier this week, she exclaimed: "I just LIKE being naughty, Mommy!!" Don't we all... ... Read more » about New Rules + {Homemade Self-Rise Pizza}

Dollhouses, Dump Trucks and {PB&J Muffins}

I was a little worried about moving to the mountains for Babycakes' sake, because I wasn't sure she'd have very many friends or the same opportunities, or that she'd turn out "weird."  But as I said in the recent Home, Sweet Home post, she LOVES it here.  It is all so HER!  She loves snow. She loves bundling. She loves dirt AND wearing dresses. She loves meeting new people and introducing herself. ... Read more » about Dollhouses, Dump Trucks and {PB&J Muffins}

Dirt, Muck, and {Blueberry Oatmeal Bake}

Someone asked me what I did for fun this past weekend. I answered, "We don't have fun anymore." A bit snarky. A bit true. Unless you call house projects and fixing things fun!  There is still so much to be done to settle in to our new house that the last thing we can think about is fun. On that note, during the "free hours"      I normally would have to work on new recipe development, cooking, photographing beautiful food for the blog, etc... I am instead ... Read more » about Dirt, Muck, and {Blueberry Oatmeal Bake}

Settling in: slowly but surely

We finally moved in to our new mountain house...on New Year's Eve. For those of you who haven't read my blog for very long, this whole house-buying / moving process has been a super long ordeal (almost 6 months), with lots of tears and anger and thankfulness all wrapped in to one.

Embrace the Mess + Other Parenting Words of Wisdom

I understand that life is busy. I really do. As you may remember, I recently quit my job as a full time accountant and made the switch to stay-at-home-mom. ... Read more » about Embrace the Mess + Other Parenting Words of Wisdom