Staging Tips + {Slow Cooker Chicken Chili}

If you missed yesterday's post, I explained why I've recently been a lot quieter, posted a lot less updates on Facebook, and have felt like a cross between Superwoman and a psychotic. We are planning a big move to the mountains.  The official photographer is coming Thursday, which means everything has to be perfect by then.  Our realtor paid me the ultimate compliment by telling me she would not be sending her stager to my house. ... Read more » about Staging Tips + {Slow Cooker Chicken Chili}

Mountains Here We Come

Dear Hubby and I are just full of changes this year. First I lost 55 pounds. Then, I started blogging (which I'm sooooooo glad I decided to do!). Then, I decided to quit working full-time to stay home with Babycakes. And now, we've decided to pack it up and head to the mountains. ... Read more » about Mountains Here We Come

Colorado is on Fire

If you haven't heard, Colorado is on fire.  Not just in one spot; there are multiple fires in multiple cities...a big darn deal.  This picture is of Colorado Springs, where the Air Force Academy and the "Garden of the Gods" are located.  Over 32,000 people have had to evacuate (including friends of ours!), and a lot of homes have burned.  It is blazing hot, literally: 105 in Denver this week! And the wind is crazy...like 70mph: a firefighter's nightmare. 

The Red Table + {Strawberry Pesto Grilled Cheese}

My friend Gina has a blog called Running to the Kichen, and I am always jealous of a) her photography, b) her meals, c) her extreme creativity, and d) her really cool backgrounds.  I had the privilege of meeting her at Blend, and love her to death! She recently wrote a post about her special "photoboard" with instructions on how to create your own.  I was so excited to try to make one of my own someday (in all my spare time, ha!!).  But then I remembered

Wins & Losses + {Home, the Perfect Nest}

Janetha called it lazy, but I (& the other 433+ readers of her blog) called her recent Wins & Losses blog post super fun and creative!  She's also the clever gal that came up with the "Get to know the blogger" survey in this past post.  Anywho, in the spirit of her blog post, I will start out with a recent win. ... Read more » about Wins & Losses + {Home, the Perfect Nest}