Colorado is on Fire

If you haven't heard, Colorado is on fire.  Not just in one spot; there are multiple fires in multiple cities...a big darn deal.  This picture is of Colorado Springs, where the Air Force Academy and the "Garden of the Gods" are located.  Over 32,000 people have had to evacuate (including friends of ours!), and a lot of homes have burned.  It is blazing hot, literally: 105 in Denver this week! And the wind is 70mph: a firefighter's nightmare.  We (Dear Hubby, Babycakes, and I) are not currently in danger ourselves from the fires, as we live in the 'burbs of Denver, but are feeling the effects in our lungs as the smoke billows our way.  Please pray for everyone who has already lost so much and those who are currently threatened.  I really can't imagine losing everything like that.  I know ultimately it's "just stuff"... but it's sentimental, valuable, and sometimes a lifetime worth of memories.      Picture source.

Beautiful places and lives are being destroyed.

And just yesterday another fire started in Boulder, behind the beloved Flatirons which I reminisced about in Monday's giveaway post.

Here's one more pic from a friend in Colorado Springs:

Please pray for rain, the firefighters' strength, safety, and effectiveness, and all those who are being affected.


  • Have you ever been affected by a natural disaster?
  • If you had time to prepare, what would you take from your house, if evacuated?