Insanity Workout + {Asian Layered Salad}

Confession time:                       I HATE WORKING OUT. There, I said it!!  I always like how I feel afterwards, but the before and during always suck. That being said, structure is good for me...which is why I've started the 3 month "Insanity" workout program.  Dear Hubby bought it a year or two ago thinking that we would do it together, but we only lasted about 2 weeks because it hurt his knees/joints too much. ... Read more » about Insanity Workout + {Asian Layered Salad}

Guest Post: My first 5K

Babycakes and I are enjoying our last full day of vacation.  She is currently at the pool splashing around with her Nonni and Poppi, soaking in as much fun and excitement as humanly possible!  We have had a wonderful time and eaten a wide variety of interesting foods.  Babycakes' favorite meal was the homemade goat cheese, carmelized onions, and fig pizza! I so love that she's so adventurous and actually enjoys a wide range of healthy foods. ... Read more » about Guest Post: My first 5K

Guest Post: A Semi-Health Nut

Hello Everyone!  My name is Amanda and I blog over at Diary of a Semi-Health Nut.  I share my newfound love of running, my obsession with baking cookies, and my two cents on living a well-rounded, semi-healthy life.  Kelly and I attended ... Read more » about Guest Post: A Semi-Health Nut

Guest Post: How Not to Train for a Marathon

Good news, y'all.  I survived the solo toddler flight.  We have arrived in Arizona and are currently being pampered to the max by my loving parents and grandmother!  It's blazing hot, but we're enjoying lots of pool time and cool drinks.  Oh yes, there will be an amazing post for this week's Healthy Living Thirsty Thursday!  Anywho, I am so excited to introduce you to one of my favorite new blends (blogger + friend) Calee, whom I met at the Blend Retreat.  She is beautiful, energetic, spu ... Read more » about Guest Post: How Not to Train for a Marathon

Goals Round 2 - UPDATE

Remember that second round of goals I posted back on May 17th?  No?  Well, evidently me neither because I haven't been doing very well at working towards them!  So, rather than waiting for the entire summer to pass me by and THEN admit that I am nowhere close to meeting my goals, I am taking a moment this day to stop, reflect, refocus, and get back on track.  Are you good at getting back o ... Read more » about Goals Round 2 - UPDATE

Before and After

Struggling with my weight for my entire adult life, I finally decided life is too short to live perpetually unhappy.  I have lost 55 pounds in the last year and am currently working on the last 25.  I made a few simple changes to my lifestyle (less sugar, smaller portions, and more veggies) and have never felt better! I'd like to share a number of "Before and Afters" with you to detail the differences from my old life to new. ... Read more » about Before and After

Our New "Normal" - Veggie Juice, Broccoli, & Exercise

True long-lasting weightloss doesn't come easy and it can't come quick.  It has to be a complete shift, a complete lifestyle change, if you are going to maintain it.  You have to redefine "normal." If you quickly lose 20lbs with a fad diet, once you start eating "normal" again, the pounds creep back on...which is why so many of us have struggled with "yo-yo" dieting over the years. Lose the weight, eat normal again and gain, lose the weight, gain more back, etc. ... Read more » about Our New "Normal" - Veggie Juice, Broccoli, & Exercise

Family Rejuvenation: Hiking, Mountains, and Creek Splashing

I wanted to share with you a few highlights from our Father's Day weekend.  I hope yours was really special!  To all those fathers out there: Thank you for the love, time, and energy you devote to us, and for helping us to truly enjoy "life to the full!" You are appreciated beyond measure.  I started off the celebrations by letting Dear Hubby sleep in... 'til 9.  Those of you without kids are thinking: "9?! ... Read more » about Family Rejuvenation: Hiking, Mountains, and Creek Splashing