Family Rejuvenation: Hiking, Mountains, and Creek Splashing

I wanted to share with you a few highlights from our Father's Day weekend.  I hope yours was really special!  To all those fathers out there: Thank you for the love, time, and energy you devote to us, and for helping us to truly enjoy "life to the full!" You are appreciated beyond measure.  I started off the celebrations by letting Dear Hubby sleep in... 'til 9.  Those of you without kids are thinking: "9?! That's sleeping in?!?!" Those of you WITH kids are thinking, "Wow, sooooo luxurious! You're so sweet to do that for your hubby!"  Yes, I'm sweet.  After waking up from his deep rejuvenating slumber, Dear Hubby got to enjoy a nice breakfast of waffles and bacon with his morning coffee.  Babycakes was so excited to give Daddy the cards she'd made/colored!  Isn't that picture above so sweet?!

Then, we headed to the mountains.

Dear hubby lives, breathes, and needs the outdoors.  I'm starting to think Babycakes is the same way!  Being outside makes them feel happy and alive.  Seeing the joy on everyone's faces (Hubby, Babycakes, and doggies included) made me realize that we really need to get out and do it more.

There was lots of hiking/walking:

There was lots of creek splashing/exploring:

There was lots of stopping to smell (and pick) the flowers:

There was lots of smiling.

BUT, I feel I must be transparent and let you know that there were also lots of tears as Babycakes threw a tantrum on the way UP to the mountains because I wouldn't give her a 4th wet wipe (holy waste, Batman) or let her eat a granola bar in the car.  At least that's how it started.  Then it was something about her sunglasses and dropping her shoes. Wanting lemonade. Not wanting lemonade. Not wanting to nap. There was no reasoning with or distracting this child.  At one point, Babycakes was screaming and Chloe (doggie) was howling b/c she didn't like the screaming... it was this loud symphony of awfulness that felt like it was from a movie!  The crying/howling finally subsided when we stopped at Walmart to buy a few last minute necessities: A Father's Day card for Grandpa, some beer, and some granola bars (which Babycakes devoured in the shopping cart before we even checked out).  By the time we got to the cabin, this is what Babycakes looked like:

Luckily she had a refreshing nap and enjoyed the rest of the day thoroughly!

To close, I'll share one of my recent favorite Daddy/Babycakes photos.  Here she is bouncing on Daddy's belly, giggling, laughing, and loving life!  Makes a momma's heart happy!!


  • What rejuvenates you?
  • Any tips on dealing with toddler tantrums?