I Shall Loathe a Little Less...

There aren't very many things that I loathe in this world...like really loathe.  But, the tupperware drawer has GOT to be one of the top five!!  UGHHHHHH!  Every time I open it, I am filled with disgust, and regret, and ANGER!!!  Where is that dang matching lid?!?!?!?!?  So today I did something about it.  I've thought about it a thousand times: what would my life be like if I started over with Tupperware?  What if I threw all of it away: all those mixed and matched pieces, all those weird sized lids, all those containers that cause me so much anger on a fairly regular daily basis, and bought ALL new Tupperware?

Well today was that day.

Thank you, Ikea, for having reasonably priced Tupperware that stacks, coordinates, and feels like a breath of fresh air!

I know my Tupperware drawer won't look this perfect forever, but for this moment in time, please just join me in celebrating this wonderful occasion.  It feels amazing!!!

What else do I loathe?

  1. The act of chore of matching socks from the clean laundry pile. I have similarly dreamed of throwing all the socks in my entire house away, and only buying one color/size for each member of the family!  How easy would that be?!?!?  Who needs fancy socks anyway?  
  2. Cleaning the shower.  No matter how hard I scrub, it never really seems clean enough.  I blame it on my weak arms.
  3. When people tell you they're going to do something and then don't.  I'd rather them say nothing at all.  

What's on your loathing list?