First V-Log + Weight Loss Plan for the Holidays

Eeeeeek!  As promised, I have my first v-log (video log) for you today.  I'm getting soooooooo technologically advanced.  I love how it feels a bit more personal hearing my voice than just reading the words I write.  Today's video is an intro to the whole video "thang", an explanation of the upcoming holiday baking I'm working on, a slight confession, and my weight-loss plan for the holidays. I had to make TWO videos because the entire first one had my head cut off...haha!  I already made my first cooking tutorial as well, which will go up later this week, on how to make the little mini pie-bites' crust.  I hope even if you're not traditionally an "online video" type person, you'll watch this one none-the-less!

Let me know what you think!

PS. Nice screen shot it decided to keep as the "thumbnail", eh?!? At least I gave myself a good laugh this morning :)