Giveaway: a Two Night Stay at the Westin

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (or both!) you know that Babycakes and I spent last weekend having the time of our lives at a local Colorado hotel...just us girls.  Well, I'm super excited to share with you all of the fabulous details, as well as reveal the location, and the best part of all --- they have agreed to give away a 2 night stay to one of YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We stayed at the Westin Westminster, halfway between Denver and Boulder. ... Read more » about Giveaway: a Two Night Stay at the Westin

More Beautiful than You Think - Dove

I had seen this video making its way around social media, but didn't take the time to sit down and watch it until this morning. I knew it would be good. It sure sounded impactful. But I didn't expect to get teary...I just didn't. But then I needed a tissue!  What a positive message -- that we are our worst critics and others see us for our true beauty.  Please take a moment to watch the video below and make a promise to be less harsh with yourself. ... Read more » about More Beautiful than You Think - Dove

10 Healthy Kids' Recipes They'll Gobble Down

It has been important to me since day 1 to feed Babycakes a variety of healthy foods, to limit sugar-y desserts and drinks, and to encourage play/movement/exercise.  I wanted to give her the best possibility of a happy healthy life, something I believe is taught and modeled. Because of this, she is really willing to try any new food...which I love. ... Read more » about 10 Healthy Kids' Recipes They'll Gobble Down

Little Miss Personality + {Hawaiian BBQ Sliders}

Most of you have never met my daughter, lovingly referred to as "Babycakes" on this blog. But if you did, you would a) be surprised at how well she can speak -- it is like having a conversation with a little adult, b) be enamoured by her sweetness and genuine concern for others, c) be impressed by the variety of foods she'll put into her mouth and actually swallow (and dare I say, enjoy), d) be shocked at how many times she asks "why?" -- not to be annoying, just because she is genuinely curious and interested in discovering how her environment works and e) wonder where ... Read more » about Little Miss Personality + {Hawaiian BBQ Sliders}

Smiles + {Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Bread}

This past weekend was all about my little girl and making as many smiles happen as humanly possible. #priorities #nonewblogpostonMonday  We hiked. We lowered the temp on the hottub and splashed around as a family. We fed peanuts to squirrels. We ate fish tacos with my inlaws. We swang at the park. And we accomplished nothing. And it was perfect... and needed.

Oh, and we ate chocolate-y peanut butter bread. ... Read more » about Smiles + {Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Bread}

New Rules + {Homemade Self-Rise Pizza}

It's been one of THOSE weeks!  My days have been memorable in terms of raising a happy, healthy child.  Babycakes is in the middle of her "wonderful twos" and never ceases to amaze me with her intellect, challenge me with her negotiation and reasoning, and drive me absolutely bonkers with her lack of obedience.  That sounds nicer than it could have, right?  Earlier this week, she exclaimed: "I just LIKE being naughty, Mommy!!" Don't we all... ... Read more » about New Rules + {Homemade Self-Rise Pizza}

Dollhouses, Dump Trucks and {PB&J Muffins}

I was a little worried about moving to the mountains for Babycakes' sake, because I wasn't sure she'd have very many friends or the same opportunities, or that she'd turn out "weird."  But as I said in the recent Home, Sweet Home post, she LOVES it here.  It is all so HER!  She loves snow. She loves bundling. She loves dirt AND wearing dresses. She loves meeting new people and introducing herself. ... Read more » about Dollhouses, Dump Trucks and {PB&J Muffins}

Dirt, Muck, and {Blueberry Oatmeal Bake}

Someone asked me what I did for fun this past weekend. I answered, "We don't have fun anymore." A bit snarky. A bit true. Unless you call house projects and fixing things fun!  There is still so much to be done to settle in to our new house that the last thing we can think about is fun. On that note, during the "free hours"      I normally would have to work on new recipe development, cooking, photographing beautiful food for the blog, etc... I am instead ... Read more » about Dirt, Muck, and {Blueberry Oatmeal Bake}