10 Healthy Kids' Recipes They'll Gobble Down

It has been important to me since day 1 to feed Babycakes a variety of healthy foods, to limit sugar-y desserts and drinks, and to encourage play/movement/exercise.  I wanted to give her the best possibility of a happy healthy life, something I believe is taught and modeled. Because of this, she is really willing to try any new food...which I love. But she still does have her preferences, like any two year old and begs for Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches almost daily. I searched through all of my recipes and grouped my top 10 healthy kids' recipes -- that Babycakes gobbled down, with zero prodding from me or fussing from her. WIN WIN!!

  1. Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese
  2. Sweet Potato & Carrot Fries
  3. Strawberry Soda
  4. Sloppy Joes
  5. Babycakes' Pancakes
  6. Greek Yogurt Strawberry Banana Bread
  7. No Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies
  8. Veggie Fried Quinoa
  9. Golden Meatloaf
  10. PB&J Muffins