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2nd Run + Tangy Tilapia Avocado Wrap

I made it through another run last night.  I did come up with a few excuses...but I tied my laces and got out there.  Whew is all I can say.  It was definitely harder than the first run, for a couple of reasons:  1) My body was already slightly tired from the run 2 days prior.  2) Instead of having a dog ... Read more » about 2nd Run + Tangy Tilapia Avocado Wrap

Moment of Truth Thursday - Week 3 + Pizza Crust!

Now that I think about it... maybe it wasn't the WISEST decision to make amazing Cauliflower Crust Pizza the night before an official weigh-in.  Buuuuut, I had just purchased my nooch (nutritional yeast) and I've been excited about this crust recipe for the last 24 hours straight :)  So I did it... on a weeknight. ... Read more » about Moment of Truth Thursday - Week 3 + Pizza Crust!

Pooch Run Success + Kale Salad

AWESOME NEWS:  my plan to run with doggie last night was a SUCCESS!!!  Woot Woot!  It was a beautiful evening out, warm but not too warm, and it felt good to move.  I had been anticipating the run all day, was a bit nervous to fail... but once I got out there, it came back to me.  I once trained for and ran a 10K (in 73 min - not super fast, but I ran the whole way)... ... Read more » about Pooch Run Success + Kale Salad

Pooch to 5K + Cauliflower Pizza Crust

I'm in a weird mood:  Kind of blah, kind of numb, kind of unmotivated.  Not sure why.  Nothing came to mind to write about tonight - and worse than that, nothing sounded good for dinner.  I stared into the fridge, to no avail.  Then I stared into the pantry, to no avail.  Then the freezer... nothing.   So I just didn't eat.  That is very unusual for me.   ... Read more » about Pooch to 5K + Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Getting to know me + Power Yogurt

It's Monday.  Not just any Monday... the Monday after daylight-savings... UGH! It was so hard to pry myself out of bed this morning!  I did it, though I was about 10 minutes late to work.   And yet, I was still the first one here. ... Read more » about Getting to know me + Power Yogurt

An extra hour to... PLAY! and Greek Yogurt

We are just LOVING this nicer (warmer) weather!  Babycakes loves being outside. She literally begs for it on the drive home now after work:  "Outside" "Playground" "Play" she says demands from the backseat, getting louder and more emphatic as we get closer to home.  So we usually walk to the neighborhood playground before dinner, swing for what seems like forever, and run around and go down the slide(s) a few times... ... Read more » about An extra hour to... PLAY! and Greek Yogurt

Saturday Exploration & Chickpea Salad

I don't know about you, but Saturdays have changedOh yes.  They are no longer the lazy days for sleeping in 'til 10 and eating brunch or starting the day at noon.  No, my Saturdays usually start earlier than the weekdays.  Monday through Friday like clockwork I have to wake Babycakes up around 7 to get out the door each morning; but without fail on Saturday, she's up around 6.  What's UP with that?!?!  I guess she just knows she gets to spend the day with ... Read more » about Saturday Exploration & Chickpea Salad