Google Searches: if you look, you will find

So you may or may not know this, but Google KNOWS.  Google knows what you search for and reports that data back to website owners.  It also follows where you click from one site to another, documenting your path.  It's actually kindof eerie how MUCH they know!!  So everyday I get a list of all the search words/phrases/gibberish that people searched for on Google who then ended up at my blog.  Most are normal, "no sugar sweet life" or "no sugar blog" or "no sugar recipes" etc... but there are a few that just make me LAUGH!!  Enough so that I am going to share with you my favorite Google searches (so far) that landed people to this site.

Top 12 Google Searches to No Sugar Sweet Life:

1) lbs of fat (in various poundage - 1, 4, 5, and 25 were the top choices). I guess if I've lost 50+ pounds, I've also lost 1, 4, and 5... yes.

2) busy no life.  thanks for rubbing it in!

3) cool pendant lights.  weird that my weight-loss blog that happened to have ONE mention of pendant lights out of 100s of posts would land someone here! But I do have some pretty SWEET pendants.  Thx mom!!

4) babies asian.  hahahaha!!! yes, my baby is 1/4 asian.  But this Google searcher was sent to this post about broccoli babies & asian salmon :)  Probably not what they were expecting.

5) kale shirt.  Ummm, I'd rather eat my kale than wear it.

6) extra fat on hip.   guilty! as evidenced by this post.

7) joke vitamins.  LMAO!!  What are these?  Where can I get some?  Will they make me funnier?

8) keep your mouth shut quotes.  WHAT?!?!  I had to Google this one myself to see what was up... it seems I elaborated on a pet peeve of mine in this post -"Better to just keep your mouth shut than to promise something you don't intend to do. Q is for a quote..."  Ah.

9) girl at phone fail.  No, more like girl at computer using Google search fail.

10) make 4 thing you can weigh with a scale.  Huh?

11) make me a perfect lunch.  Yes, ma'am... I'm on it!

And my #1 search phrase: 12) Pink Kale Juice.  Evidently I created something very special!

BUT, no matter how you found me, I'm so glad you did!!


  1. What's your favorite search phrase from above?
  2. Ever searched for something only to end up somewhere totally random?? Do tell :)

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