Patriotic Yogurt Bark

This frozen yogurt bark is dairy-free thanks to the Silk Almondmilk yogurt alternative and super patriotic thanks to the stars and team USA made out of strawberries! It's perfect to enjoy while cheering on your team during the Olympics, or on any regular ol' day.

Raise of hands if you are extra tired this week because you've stayed up too late watching the Olympics!

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Strawberries and Cream Pancakes

These super fluffy strawberries and cream pancakes are pretty in pink and totally vegan thanks to Silk's almondmilk creamer -- and they're the perfect way to say "I love you" to your significant other and/or kiddos! 

Silk's new motto is: progress is perfection

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Creamy Lemon Potato Bisque with Carrot Top Pesto

This creamy lemon potato bisque is the perfect mix of Winter and Spring --- both in color and in taste. And it's anything but boring. It gets its creaminess from the Silk Protein nut milk and roasted potatoes, zucchini, and carrots (white + yellow, to give it its golden color)... and the carrot top pesto gives it that oomph to take it to next-level-awesome.  ... Read more » about Creamy Lemon Potato Bisque with Carrot Top Pesto

Matcha Grinch Green Smoothie

This Matcha Grinch Green Smoothie is so cute, colorful, and packed with good-for-you things --- like matcha green tea powder, chia, Silk unsweetened almondmilk, spinach, etc. It's perfect for the holidays, or any regular morning too!

You might think of smoothies as more of a summer thing. 

But they're great year-round. 

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Save Time in the Kitchen + {Green Smoothie Pancakes}

This super popular, old blog recipe got a makeover thanks to my friends at Silk. These green smoothie pancakes are hands down the most requested breakfast at our house --- and we've been making them weekly since 2014 -- ie. years!

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Autumn Harvest Chopped Salad

This Autumn Harvest Chopped Salad has all the flavors of fall and is perfect for your next holiday gathering! You and your guests will absolutely LOVE the maple bourbon dressing!!

Are you guys ready?!?!! 

For the big day?

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Cranberry Coco Whip Gingersnap Pie with Pumpkin Caramel

The Cranberry Coco Whip Gingersnap Pie is totally vegan thanks to the Silk yogurt and So Delicious Coco Whip! The creamy pink layer is swirled with pumpkin caramel and the crust is to die for: a combination of gingersnap cookies, pecans, and coconut oil. This is the perfect dessert to add to your Thanksgiving mix, or to enjoy any weekend this fall!! ... Read more » about Cranberry Coco Whip Gingersnap Pie with Pumpkin Caramel

7 Carrot Recipes You Need to Make This Fall

Fall is in the air (well, kindof --- it's been like 90 every day here. But to be fair, the mornings start off super cool with temps in the 40s)... so I'm partnering with Silk to bring you seven must-make carrot recipes for the fall:  sangria, soup, overnight oats, and more!




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