Simple Roasted Cranberries + {Cranberry Guac}

Have I told you lately that I am OBSESSED with fresh organic cranberries?! I've been making pumpkin cranberry relish to adorn turkey, paleo shortbread cookies dipped in a chocolate cranberry ganache, a citrus-y kale and brussels salad topped with roasted cranberries, and today I'm fancifying one of my favorite appetizers with them. First of all a how-to ... Read more » about Simple Roasted Cranberries + {Cranberry Guac}

Orange Kale & Brussels Salad w/Roasted Cranberries

Most of you probably know that Dear Hubby is not the biggest fan of vegetables.  The light bulb came on a few years ago when I realized I needed to get more creative in the kitchen to make veggie-laden dishes that my family would actually enjoy, or at least finish.  Since then I have created hundreds of recipes that fit the bill... ... Read more » about Orange Kale & Brussels Salad w/Roasted Cranberries

Baking Together + {Superfood Gingerbread Cookies}

One of the best parts of the holidays, in my opinion, is getting to spend more time with family and friends AND making goodies for them. I love a good excuse for people to eat my food :) Whether it's for a cookie swap or a holiday party or just tidings of good cheer in the form of a plate of cookies, these Superfood Gingerbread Cookies will be your new holiday favorite. ... Read more » about Baking Together + {Superfood Gingerbread Cookies}

Paleo Shortbread Cookies w/Chocolate Cranberry Ganache

You might have noticed it's been kindof quiet around these parts... I took the month of November off to spend more time with Dear Hubby and Babycakes, to really be present and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, and to rejuvinate a bit and refocus before the BOOK craziness begins! Remember I have a cookbook coming out soon?!?! January 15th to be exact. Soon I'll be doing a full sneak peek inside the book for you as well as a giveaway! ... Read more » about Paleo Shortbread Cookies w/Chocolate Cranberry Ganache

Bee Friendlier + {Apricot Tomato Bruschetta}

I recently had the great privilege of spending time up in Washington state touring Cascadian Farm's home farm. To say that it was strikingly beautiful and refreshingly authentic is a complete understatement. I learned all about the ins and outs of organic farming, what's required, why it's better not only for our bodies to eat food grown organically but also for the land itself, and how important bees are. Yes, tiny buzzing bees. Did you know that essentially one out of every three bites of food we consume requires bee pollination to grow? ... Read more » about Bee Friendlier + {Apricot Tomato Bruschetta}

Healthy Fall Treats + {Butterscotch Pumpkin Bark}

My blogging besties and I are back to share with you some super fun, healthy fall treats! Remember our healthy back-to-school menu? All of the recipes are paleo, gluten-free, and dairy-free. I'm not sure if I've told you yet, but I can NOT do any paleo baking myself. Why? I have had fail after fail after fail, and the only thing I can come up with is the altitude. The almond flour and coconut flour don't play nice above 7,000 feet. ... Read more » about Healthy Fall Treats + {Butterscotch Pumpkin Bark}

A Few Simple Changes + {Apple Cinnamon Muffins}

nour * ish: to provide (someone or something) with food and other things that are needed to live, be healthy, grow stronger, etc...                   Merriam-Webster's Dictionary

Ultimately that is what this blog is all about:  Nourishing our families in a holistic way that encompasses our health, our relationships, and our environment. Today I'm going to share a few simple changes ... Read more » about A Few Simple Changes + {Apple Cinnamon Muffins}

Pear, Walnut, and Maple Kale Butternut Squash "Rice"

I made you rice.... out of butternut squash! I know it sounds weird, but it has an amazing texture and a very mild flavor that is perfect for fall.  You start by spiralizing the butternut squash into long thin spirals. Then you pulse it a few times in a food processor to make the perfect little rice-like pieces. (My friend Ali at has a helpful how-to-video ... Read more » about Pear, Walnut, and Maple Kale Butternut Squash "Rice"


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